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Information Technology

Information Technology allows organizations to work more efficiently and assists to maximize productivity. The major advantages include protection of records, faster communication and electronic storage. Pharmaceutical IT services can be used by companies ranging from small scale to large scale and help to overcome the challenges of drug development. With the advent of Pharmaceutical ERP Software, it has become easy to manage your business more efficiently. Pharmaceutical Software solutions can be implemented quickly and also helps industries to fulfil requirements effectively. They have the power to enhance product quality. Information Technology enables better decision-making and Pharma people have visibility to real-time & accurate information.


Mandatory in Constructing a High-fidelity Database Readying for The Downstream Disruptive Technologies, such as for The Artificial Intelligence Training

A blockchain is a simple digital serial ledger of tamperproof data blocks that are cryptographically protected via peertopeer networks known as validators andor nodes and is distributive and decentralised by natureA blockchain is a simple digital serial ledger of tamperproof data blocks that are cryptographically protected via peertopeer networks k...

Challenges and Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in Pharma

Many advanced largescale AI initiatives still need to be proved successful in Pharma

Demystifying the Potential Applications of Blockchain Technology in Pharma and Biopharma Industry

A bird’s eye view

This groundbreaking technology has enormous applications in almost every walk of life and it is not surprising that the healthcare industry being a highasset and knowledgeintensive industry is amongst the top few sectors to experience its great potential and benefits


How you and your teams can digitally innovate successfully in the Pharma ecosystem

Data is the new oil or so they say However your ability to extract the oil and to ensure its quality are only two of the elements you need to create digitally innovative solutions

Enabling Digital and Decentralised Solutions in Clinical Research

Writing decentralised clinical trials into the protocol!

In recent years clinical research trial designs have started to change from fully paper and brick mortar sites traditional trials to digitalenabled designs utilising decentralised solutions which allow participant visits to be conducted remotely with some visits on site hybrid design or all visit decentralised from designated brickandmortar sites...

Which Technologies you Need to Use, and for What, to be Successful with your Teams in Pharma 4.0

Emerging technologies can help you automate processes in ways believed impossible just five years ago


Pharmacovigilance PV is increasingly taking its toll on life science organisations



Despite great effort and expense implementing datadriven business models and processes the biopharma industrys attempts to digitally transform operations are returning mixed results

How Risk-based Approaches to Computer System Validation Support Cost-Effective Compliance and Improved Patient Safety

At the heart of almost all life science and pharmaceutical industry operations are digital information and document handling systems From the earliest clinical phases to the last postapproval study the data and technical documentation these systems manage are essential to the safe effective creation of medicines and therapeutics for all patients


In August ransomware operators targeted the health department of the Italian region of Lazio and disabled its COVID vaccination booking system disrupting the scheduling of new vaccination appointments for days

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