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Research Insights section focuses on the cutting-edge and breakthrough research that is happening all over the world. Laboratories across the globe are working hard to develop drugs and therapies for various diseases and research insights directly from them add tremendous value.

An Evaluation of RNA-seq Differential Analysis Methods

Highthroughput transcriptome sequencing technologies have profound impact on our ability to address an increasingly diverse range of biological and biomedical problems and improve our understanding of human diseases by capturing an accurate picture of molecular processes within the cell RNAseq has become a major assay for measuring relative transcr...

Connectivity Concepts in Neuronal Network Modeling

The connectivity structure of a neuronal network model is sometimes described with a statement such as Ns source neurons and Nt target neurons are connected randomly with connection probability p One interpretation of this statement is an algorithm that considers each possible pair of source and target neurons exactly once and connects each such pa...

Human Genotype-to-phenotype Predictions Boosting Accuracy with Nonlinear Models

The problem of predicting phenotype from genotype is a holy grail of modern genetics with practical applications in fields such as personalized medicine and genomic selection for agriculture and is an active area of research Its relevance has grown with the affordability of genotyping and will likely continue to increase as sequencing becomes more...

Association Between Inflammatory Biomarkers and Cognitive Aging

Systemic inflammation plays a key role in the disease pathology of Alzheimers Disease AD and related dementias Existing literature has examined various inflammatory and cellular immunity biomarkers related to cognitive and brain aging Chronic peripheral inflammation as measured by Creactive protein is associated with an increased risk of dementia i...

How Growers Make Decisions Impacts Plant Disease Control

While the spread of plant disease depends strongly on biological factors driving transmission it also has a human dimension Disease control depends on decisions made by individual growers who are in turn influenced by a broad range of factors Despite this human behaviour has rarely been included in plant epidemic models

Clinically Adjudicated Deceased Donor Acute Kidney Injury and Graft Outcomes

Acute kidney injury AKI in deceased donors is not associated with graft failure GF We hypothesize that hemodynamic AKI hAKI comprises the majority of donor AKI and may explain this lack of association Less than of patients on the waiting list receive kidney transplants each year and approximately thirteen

COVID-19 Infection and Transmission Includes Complex Sequence Diversity

SARSCoV whole genome sequencing has played an important role in documenting the emergence of polymorphisms in the viral genome and its continuing evolution during the COVID pandemic Here we present data from over patients to characterize the complex sequence diversity of individual

SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Longevity, Breadth, and Evasion by Emerging Viral Variants

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus SARSCoV antibody neutralization response and its evasion by emerging viral variants and variant of concern VOC are unknown but critical to understand reinfection risk and breakthrough infection following vaccination

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in Developing Countries: Survey and Experimental Evidence

Vaccine hesitancy is proving to be a significant impediment to COVID vaccination campaigns in some developing countries This study focuses on vaccine hesitancy and means of reducing it Data come from a large representative phone survey and online randomized survey experiment both run in Papua New Guinea a developing country

Synergistic Drug Combinations Designed to Fully Suppress SARS-CoV-2 in the Lung of COVID-19 Patients

Despite new antivirals are being approved against SARSCoV they suffer from significant constraints and are not indicated for hospitalized patients who are left with few antiviral options Repurposed drugs have previously shown controversial clinical results and it remains difficult to understand why certain trials delivered

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