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Research Insights section focuses on the cutting-edge and breakthrough research that is happening all over the world. Laboratories across the globe are working hard to develop drugs and therapies for various diseases and research insights directly from them add tremendous value.

Identification of genes associated with dissociation of cognitive performance and neuropathological burden: Multistep analysis of genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptional Data

Abstract Introduction The molecular underpinnings of the dissociation of cognitive performance and neuropathological burden are poorly understood and there are currently no known genetic or epigenetic determinants of the dissociation Methods and findings Residual cognition was quantified by regressing out the effects of cerebral patholo...

Clonal Evolutionary Analysis during HER2 Blockade in HER2-Positive Inflammatory Breast Cancer: A Phase II Open-Label Clinical Trial of Afatinib +/- Vinorelbine

Abstract Background Inflammatory breast cancer IBC is a rare aggressive form of breast cancer associated with HER amplification with high risk of metastasis and an estimated median survival of y We performed an openlabel singlearm phase II clinical trial ClinicalTrialsgov NCT to in

Priority-Setting for Novel Drug Regimens to Treat Tuberculosis: An Epidemiologic Model

Abstract Background Novel drug regimens are needed for tuberculosis TB treatment New regimens aim to improve on characteristics such as duration efficacy and safety profile but no single regimen is likely to be ideal in all respects By linking these regimen characteristics to a novel regimens ability

Open For Collaboration: An Academic Platform For Drug Discovery And Development At Scilifelab

Abstract Swedish pharmaceutical industry and research Being a small country with only million inhabitants Sweden has a proud history of successful organic growth of its pharmaceutical industry with companies such as Kabi the first company to license Genentechs recombinant DNA technology later overtaken by Pharmacia subs

Simultaneous Analysis Of Aliskiren And Hydrochlorothiazide In Pharmaceutical Preparations And Spiked Human Plasma By HPTLC

Abstract A simple selective and precise method based on HPTLC has been developed for the simultaneous determination of aliskiren and hydrochlorothiazide in a fixeddose tablet formulation and human plasma The chromatography was performed on silica gel GF plates with a mobile phase consisting of methanolchloroform vv Densitometric analys

Advancing TB Drug Regimen Development Through Innovative Quantitative Translational Pharmacology Methods and Approaches

Summary The development of novel TB multidrug regimens that are more efficacious and of shorter induration requires a robust drug development pipeline Advances in quantitative modeling and simulation can be used to maximize the utility of patientlevel data from prior and contemporary clinical trials thus optimizing study design for antiTB regimens...

Relationships Between Mechanical Properties And Drug Release From Electrospun Fibers Of PCL And PLGA Blends

Abstract Electrospun nanofibers have the potential to achieve high drug loading and the ability to sustain drug release Mechanical properties of the drugincorporated fibers suggest the importance of drugpolymer interactions In this study we investigated the mechanical properties of electrospun polycaprolactone PCL and poly DLlacticcoglycolic

Adaptation Of Targeted Nanocarriers To Changing Requirements In Antimalarial Drug Delivery

Abstract The adaptation of existing antimalarial nanocarriers to new Plasmodium stages drugs targeting molecules or encapsulating structures is a strategy that can provide new nanotechnologybased costefficient therapies against malaria We have explored the modification of different liposome prototypes that had been developed in our group for the t...

Antimicrobial Drug Use In Primary Healthcare Clinics: A Retrospective Evaluation

Summary Objectives To examine the appropriateness of antibiotics prescribed for acute infection based on the Malaysian national antibiotic guidelines and the defined daily dose DDD system of the World Health Organization WHO This study also aimed to describe the factors influencing the drug use pattern

Investigator-initiated Clinical Trials Conducted By The Portuguese Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (PtCRIN)

Abstract Interventional clinical studies can provide the highest levels of evidence and generate significant results on specific investigational medicinal products or medical devices In order to have powerful studies attain unquestionable results and make significant discoveries the number of patients enrolled must be high Therefore multinational...

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