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Research Insights section focuses on the cutting-edge and breakthrough research that is happening all over the world. Laboratories across the globe are working hard to develop drugs and therapies for various diseases and research insights directly from them add tremendous value.

Enabling Interpretable Machine Learning for Biological Data with Reliability Scores

Interpretability has become an increasingly important area of research in machine learning although the term interpretability is not always welldefined When machine learning approaches are applied to biological problems

Optimal Density of Bacterial Cells

The dry mass dissolved in the major compartment of bacterial cells the cytosol comprises hundreds of molecular species including proteins metabolites polysaccharides and nucleic acids

CRISPR-Analytics (CRISPR-A): A Platform for Precise Analytics and Simulations for Gene Editing

CRISPRbased gene editing has become a fundamental toolbox to cover a large variety of research and applied needs

Gate-based Quantum Computing for Protein Design

Protein design is a technique to engineer proteins by permuting amino acids in the sequence to obtain novel functionalities

Effects of Acute Low-moderate Dose Ionizing Radiation to Human Brain Organoids

Human exposure to lowtomoderate dose ionizing radiation LMDIR is increasing via environmental medical occupational sources

Risk Perception of Non-communicable Diseases: A Systematic Review on its Assessment and Associated Factors

The burden of noncommunicable diseases NCDs is increasing Risk perception of NCDs is an important factor towards the uptake of preventive health interventions

Isolation of Salivary Cell-free DNA for Cancer Detection

Saliva is an emerging source of disease biomarkers particularly for cancers of the head and neck Although analysis of cellfree DNA cfDNA in saliva holds promise as a liquid biopsy for cancer detection currently there are no standardized methodologies for the collection and isolation of saliva for the purposes of studying DNA

The Emotional Side of Taking Part in a Cancer Clinical Trial

Taking part in a cancer clinical trial often represents a source of psychological distress and emotional activation among patients and their caregivers Nowadays social media platforms provide a space for these groups to freely express and share their emotional experiences

Long-read Sequencing Identifies Novel Structural Variations in Colorectal Cancer

Structural variations SVs are a key type of cancer genomic alterations contributing to oncogenesis and progression of many cancers including colorectal cancer CRC

Efficacy of the Combination of Monoclonal Antibodies Against the SARS-CoV-2 Beta and Delta Variants

The pandemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus SARSCoV is currently the biggest healthcare issue worldwide This study aimed to develop a monoclonal antibody against SARSCoV from B cells of recovered COVID patients which might have beneficial therapeutic purposes for COVID patients

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