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Articles on key issues related to the pharma industry from the heads of leading pharmaceutical companies and pharma industry experts across the globe. The pharma industry articles' section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as Strategic developments in the pharma industry, pharmaceutical R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, and information technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

A path to personalised cancer treatment
Cancer is the most prevalent cause of death across the globe According to the World Health Organization there is an estimated increase from the anticipated million cases of cancer in It is predicted that more than million

Labelling and imaging of Radiopharmaceuticals

A radiopharmaceutical is a radioactive compound used for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases In nuclear medicine nearly of the radiopharmaceuticals are used for diagnostic purposes while the rest are used for treatment It is a relatively new modality

Syringe-like Bacterial Nanomachine Emerges as Potential Therapeutics Delivery Device

CIS are syringelike cellpuncturing machines Bacteria deploy it for various natural functions including cellcell communications defence and in endosymbionts to interact with the hosts CIS translocate effectors molecules

CAR-T Cell Therapy and NexCAR19

India’s first indigenous CAR-T cell therapy
Radiation therapy chemotherapy and surgery have been the cornerstones of cancer treatment for many years While they remain essential therapy pillars recent advancements in the field have significantly changed the treatment landscape for cancer patients

Innovative Approaches for Safer and More Effective Healthcare

In our constantly changing world healthcare is an essential element of growth Pursuing safer more effective healthcare solutions has led to innovative strategies transforming the industry

The Rapidly Evolving Landscape of Cancer Therapeutics

Cancer is considered as a common name to address a large group comprising more than diseases affecting several parts of the body All cancers show common characteristics such as the uncontrolled growth and proliferation of abnormal cells

Combating the FWA Menace

Cutting-Edge strategies for PBMs
In the complex landscape of Pharmacy Benefit Management PBM combatting Fraud Waste and Abuse FWA has emerged as a critical challenge This article explores innovative realtime techniques for PBMs to navigate the intricacies of FWA and Medicare noncompliance

Significance of Bioinformatics in Precision Oncology

In an era where medical science is advancing at an unprecedented pace the integration of bioinformatics has emerged as a gamechanger offering new avenues for understanding diagnosing and treating cancer

Why tier-2 and tier-3 cities are not included for clinical research

India is rapidly emerging as a global hub for clinical research with many international pharmaceutical companies and research organisations choosing the country as a site for their clinical trials

Accelerating the Medical Writing Process with Automation From research to publication

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry has seen a constant growth in the need for medical writing The global medical writing market was valued at US billion in and is expected to reach US billion in growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate CAGR of per cent Patents have been expiring
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