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Articles on key issues related to the pharma industry from the heads of leading pharmaceutical companies and pharma industry experts across the globe. The pharma industry articles' section focuses on current and emerging issues in areas such as Strategic developments in the pharma industry, pharmaceutical R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, and information technology.

Lipid Excipients and Formulation Development

An overview
The successful introduction of commercial lipidic formulations of cyclosporine as Sandimmune in followed by its reformulation as Neoral has raised interest of the lipidbased drug delivery technology over the past two decades With a greater understanding of the various functions lipids may have in b...

Smart Polymeric Nanocomposites for Cancer Therapeutics

Globally cancer is the second most prevalent healthcare issue following cardiovascular Conventional methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy have several detrimental side effects without guaranteed permanent recovery In the last few decades efforts have been made by introducing nanotechnology t...

Repurposed Drugs against the Latest Variants of Concerns of SARS-CoV-2

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus SARSCoV affected all areas of life and the economy by causing COVID and created alarming caution in the form of variants of concerns VoC The latest VoC that are of public health relevance are Alpha B Beta B Gamma P Delta B and Omicron B Due to the em...

Role of Nutraceutical in Various Diseases - A Review

DeFelice introduced the term nutraceutical in combining the words nutrition and pharmacy and originally defined it as a food or part of a food that provides medical or health benefits including the prevention and treatment of disease A nutraceutical may be a nutrientdense food like spirulina garlic...

5 Proven Ways to Take PBM’s to the Future ‘Today’ with Conversational AI

Gone are those if youre still thinking of keeping your customers engaged with your brand by merely sending emails messages phone calls or mobile apps They are expecting way beyond that today It begs the question Is the rapid evolution of selfservice tools creating the need to expect more and more

Effect of Size of Protein Therapeutics on Brain Pharmacokinetics following Systemic Administration

Many antibodybased therapeutics have been developed to treat the CNS disorders Howeverhow to achieve a sufficient exposure of protein therapeutics in the CNS is the major challenge in drug development The bloodbrain barrier BBB and the bloodcerebrospinalfluid barrier BCSFB highly regulate and limit...

Industry 4.0 at Bachem

Innovation and operational excellence are two important pillars of Bachems success Thus to keep technological leadership and highquality services it was essential to start our digital transformation and to enter the Industry area This will benefit our customers as we will be able to increase our ca...

Alpha-fetoprotein as a Shuttle for Medicines

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that ensures the survival of the species The suppression of the immune response in pregnancy is robust since the embryo cells have half the fathers proteins that should be recognised by the mothers immune system as foreign Even surrogate motherhood is possible with...

How PBM's Transformed to Provide Easy Access to Prescription Drugs Post COVID 19

Adding to that the global pandemic experience is the perfect example that led industry leaders to explore new opportunities and thrive on digital innovations What we experience today is the miracle of that change embracing a digital mindset Emerging technologies have redefined the modern healthcare...

How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Embracing a Technology-Driven Approach to Unlock New Growth Avenues

As technological innovations continue to aid the growth of the pharmaceutical industry heres a look at some of the technologies that are reshaping the industry A report by Grand View Research shows that the global artificial intelligence healthcare market is expected to reach US billion by AI is as...
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