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AirBridgeCargo Airlines

AirBridgeCargo Airlines is one of the leading industry players to guarantee specialist logistics solution for transportation of pharma products with its dedicated 'abc pharma' product.

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) is the international scheduled carrier with an in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience in transportation of pharmaceutical products. Being an IATA CEIV certified carrier, ABC is ready to offer its customers cool chain air freight solutions in strict compliance with industry standards, as well as with customers’ requirements.

What is the main advantage of air compared to other modes of transport for cold supply chain?

Air transportation guarantees speed, safety and integrity – these are three components vital for pharmaceutical products. During the last five to ten years air cargo industry has made a step forward in cool chain logistics – modern active containers which maintain desired temperature environment, for both standard and extended payload, up-to-date equipment to monitor temperature range (temperature loggers) and shipment movement (GPS devices for unit load devices which transmit the data), special packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products–these are just a few to begin with. Besides speed air cargo sector is ‘wrapping’ up its high-quality services in digital experience the tech-savvy customers are used to as consumers. Online track&trace, real-time monitoring and notifications – we are striving to stay current.

How is the air carrier managing pharma transportations with other supply chain stakeholders?

Transportation of pharmaceutical products is a multi-tiered and complex process with many supply chain stakeholders involved – ground and cargo handlers, carriers, trucking companies. The level of their service quality and their reliability are keys to successful delivery of temperature-sensitive cargo. AirBridgeCargo has been partnering with reliable and trustworthy companies to guarantee safety and security of each shipment. With safety being of paramount importance, we make sure that all supply chain stakeholders understand it and act accordingly. With this in mind, we organize workshops and training sessions with our customers for networking, peerlearning and ‘educational’ purposes. Furthermore, we make internal assessment of all service providers involved in transportation process to make sure that they are fully compliant with air freight requirements and understand them.

Does the carrier need special service or product for transportation of pharmaceutical products?

Pharmaceutical products are becoming more complex and profound and require the whole spectrum of requirements to be met during their transportation with the main idea in mind – to help people live healthier and longer lives. This is why it is very important to have a dedicated team in the airline, with each member understanding the significance and importance of their every day ‘routine’ work. We, at AirBridgeCargo, have developed and introduced abc pharma specialty product and team to guarantee high level of quality during transportation of pharma products. Delivery is not only about getting the pills, medicine, vaccines, etc. from point A to point B. It is about creating the perfect ambient environment, shouldered by equipment, digital experience, partners and skilled personnel. With abc pharma active and abc pharma passive solutions we can manage various types of pharma shipments, offering required packaging equipment or special temperature containers, even for long-haul flights.

How can the carrier improve cool chain logistics?

Through refining its dedicated services. The receipt of CEIV Pharma certification in 2016, QEP accreditation for ABC online stations, an adaption of digital technologies with automated notifications to be sent to all supply chain stakeholders via web platform Sky Fresh, networking in industry-related initiatives, likes of Pharma. Aero, generating a home-grown pool of logistics experts and orchestration of all internal handling procedures – these are the initiatives and factors which bolster volumes of temperature-sensitive cargo and improve overall performance of our specialty abc pharma product.

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