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Drug Discovery

Back to Mother Nature

A large fraction of the drugs currently approved are derived from natural products which have always been a great source for new lead compounds offering new structural diversity Ulrich Betz Head of Strategic Innovation and Research Portfolio Manageme..


International Strategic Alliances

Positioning the Asian biotechnology company

Asian biotechnology companies lack of experience in pharmaceutical alliances can be quickly overcome by deliberate preparation careful identification of potential partners and anticipation of the due diligence process of partnering..

Generic to Innovative

Transition of Indian pharmaceutical companies

While generics continue to drive the Indian pharmaceutical industry it is set for rapid growth in its new avatar as a supplier of finished dosage forms to the world However challenges abound..

Liver Cancer Treatment in Asia

From little acorns

Oncology is currently one of the most exciting but demanding areas for developing successful brand strategies Companies entering smaller and niche markets in this area should clearly differentiate their products from competition to command and sustai..

Challenges for Pharmaceutical Sales Forces

Lessons from other Sectors

Pharmaceutical sales forces can overcome their challenges by learning how companies from other sectors have dealt with similar challenges..

Research & Development

Biomedical Polymers

Drug delivery and molecular imaging

During the last two decades significant advances have been made in the development of biocompatible polymers as the platform for drug delivery and molecular imaging..

Automated Purification of Natural and Synthetic Compounds

The purification of naturally derived and synthesised compounds via automated flash chromatography allows unattended separation while reducing errors and repurifications..

Assessing the Immunogenicity of Protein Therapeutics

Immunogenicity poses a risk that should be assessed during drug development as it possibly compromises drug safety and alters drug characteristics including pharmacokinetics and bioavailability Immunogenicity assessment strategies combine preclinical..

The Next Generation of Recombinant Immunotoxins

Reducing Immunogenicity of the Cytotoxic Part

Immunotoxins comprise cellspecific targeting components coupled to cytotoxic agents Although clinical data are encouraging the problem of immunogenicity remains unsolved To allow repeated administration human immunotoxins with greatly reduced immunog..

Getting to the Heart of a Tumour Cell

Targeting the nucleus

In combination with other agents tumour cellspecific nuclear targeting approaches have great potential in developing truly tumour cellspecific therapeutic treatments..

Natural Products in Drug Discovery

Drug discovery from natural products has reclaimed the attention of the pharma industry and is on the verge of a comeback due to new technological inputs that promise better returns on investment..

Clinical Trials

Clinical and Non-Clinical Investigations

Improving the quality of development candidates

Improving the quality of the exploratory development candidates selected to go into confirmatory clinical development should further reduce the risk of latestage failures..

Site Management Organisations in Asian Clinical Trials

Providing Competitive Advantage

In a changing market for clinical trials where fast recruitment of large patient numbers is of the essence Site Management Organisations SMOs operating as independent Contract Research Oorganisation CRO divisions offer some significant advantages in ..

Clinical Trial Integration

Adopting an Innovative Approach

A clinical trial interchange platform can solve complex data integration challenges and also provide enterprise reporting searching and aggregation capabilities..

Clinical Outsourcing in Japan

Ready to fulfill its Destiny?

With the increasing popularity of global and regional trials in Japan most global pharma companies are looking to develop as many compounds in Japan as possible Yet with limits to headcount increases companies face limited options to achieve their bu..


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Embracing Lean Six Sigma

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles to help them boost operational efficiency and improve quality while facilitating compliance..

Developing a Process Excellence Culture

In an increasingly competitive marketplace the current organisational models for supply chains will no longer be effective A process excellence culture will enable an organisations resiliency and provide a competitive advantage to it in the future..

Advanced Emulsification Technologies

Narrow drop size distributions in the nanometer region

High shear homogenizing and low pressure homogenizing open new pathways for fine emulsions with narrow drop size distributions Their flexibility allows the introduction of exactly desired and validated shear forces..

Manufacturing Control Systems

Manufacturing Control Systems are likely to emerge as the new standard manufacturing solution by the end of the decade..

Information Technology

Life Sciences Manufacturing

Promise of Service Oriented Architecture

Service oriented architecture promises to revolutionise the way companies share information internally as well as with partners customers and regulators..