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A pill for growth

The whole pharma industry is hungry for dealsthere is a shortage of drugs in pipelines..


Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

Developing a product pipeline is being considered seriously and will be an essential factor for the growth of the Indian pharma market..

Finding the Way in China

Critical issues for partnership and investment

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are rushing to China with an aim to access the lowcost scientific talent and also claim a stake in Asias largest pharmaceutical market But the Chinese business climate is far from what one normally encounters in..

US Biotech and Indian Pharma

Is there a win-win partnering strategy?

Due to emerging factors such as escalating financial risks lack of new blockbuster drugs and evolving global capabilities the time is right for US biotechnology firms and Indian pharmaceutical companies to join forces in the precommercial phases of d..

Drug Research and Development

Bridging the innovation gap

What needs to be done to improve or change the RD productivity of the pharmaceutical industry Is biotech consolidation the answer and if not what is..

Pharma and Biotech

Is it possible to continue growing?

While the industry still performs on a high level growth prospects are not as they had been in the past..

Research & Development

Developing Cancer Vaccines

Using tumour-associated peptides

Effective nextgeneration cancer vaccines have to include relevant and well characterised antigens known to be presented by real tumour tissue..

Controlling Infectious Diseases

Evaluation of vaccines

Although vaccine evaluation differs in various aspects from that for therapeutic drugs many procedures specific for therapeutic drugs have been applied to vaccine evaluation..

The Asian Vaccine Industry

Opportunities and challenges

A roadmap for Asian vaccine research and development programmes can lead to a strong regional vaccine industry selfsufficient healthcare policy and the possibility of economic growth through the manufacturing of valuable biological products..

Drug Discovery

A decentralised multi-polar model

Where the pharmaceutical industry is being unable to successfully translate core models of drug discovery from theory to practice the twopronged approach of Evolva Biotech in building a diversified and risk balanced compound pipeline stands as a case..

Multi-functional Nanomedicine

Technology convergence in development of targeted therapeutics

The use of multifunctional nanosystems affords convergence of technologies for simultaneous or sequential targetspecific delivery of multiple drugs or by combining drugs with different energy modalities..

Mitochondrial Nanomedicine

Tailored and efficient therapeutics

The ongoing merger of nanoscience with mitochondrial medicine gives rise to novel strategies for diagnosis and therapy of mitochondrial disorders..

Clinical Trials

Metabolomics Strategy

Identifying tissue-specific drug effects

The maturation of metabolomics technologies is expected to have profound effect on pharmaceutical RD Over the past few years technologies have matured to the stage where comprehensive and quantitative investigation of global metabolome has been made ..

Adaptive Trial Design

Enhancing the quality of clinical trials

Adaptive flexible trial design has begun to catchup with the clinical trial services providers due to its umpteen benefits that go a long way in delivering better drugs in a much shorter time This article looks at different types of adaptive designs..

Japans Step Towards Global Studies

A new guideline on trial data provides opportunities for Japanese biopharmaceutical companies and global contract research organisations to work together to speed up drug development in Japan..


Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

What makes them effective?

Only a crossfunctional and integrated approach can be successful in defeating counterfeiting and fraud as well as the diversion of pharmaceutical products..

Identifying Counterfeit Drugs

An unexpected benefit of PAT / QbD

The spectroscopic signature of a product developed for PAT may also be used in the field to determine whether a product is real or counterfeit..

Lean Transformation

Superficial imitation or a paradigm shift?

True innovation is not achieved by superficial imitation or the isolated or random use of lean tools techniques and systems know how but instead requires the know whyie an understanding of underlying principles..

Ready-To-Use Technologies

Driving process excellence and product safety

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes like cell culture harvesting and downstream purification are rapidly gaining importance as process robustness and assurance of product safety in these processes are being considered seriously This article loo..


A holistic approach

Despite the advantages PAT offers to the pharmaceutical industry many companies remain hesitant about its implementation due to high investment costs..

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Embracing process analytical technology

The idea behind Process Analytical Technology has been a proven technology in oil refineries petrochemical food beverage and semiconductor industries Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies can ensure improved quality reduced scrap and enhanced product..

Information Technology

IT Outsourcing Strategies in Drug Discovery

Outsourcing pharma or biotech research IT can be very difficult to implement but with a wellplanned strategy the benefits can easily outweigh the risks..

Web 2.0 in Pharma Enterprise

Improving internal communication

The adoption of simple and easytouse Web 20inspired technologies and approaches inside the enterprise provides companies with opportunities to improve their collaboration communication and knowledge sharing..

Expert Talk


What lies ahead?

Biosimilars will eventually bring down the cost of biological medicines and in doing so will expand the market..