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Expert Talk


What lies ahead?

How different are Biosimilars from traditional generics in terms of manufacturing and approval The differences between traditional generics and biosimilars are really quite fundamental Biologicals are orders of magnitude more complex both in structure and in terms of impurity profile compared to small molecules As a consequence of this increased...

Information Technology

Web 2.0 in Pharma Enterprise

Improving internal communication

During use of Web social media sites on the World Wide Web finally started to break out of the exclusive domain of the young and the technicallyfocussed Rise of Social Web Increasing number of people are looking for information in Wikipedia the free wikipowered online encyclopaedia Some if not all are even contributing

IT Outsourcing Strategies in Drug Discovery

There are many potential benefits that can be derived from IT outsourcing Apart from cost savings access to resources is also a driving force behind the outsourcing phenomena With the right outsourcing partner enabling a flexible allocation of resources IT projects can be scaled rapidly and affordably Success or failure of outsourcing often has les...


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Embracing process analytical technology

Outside Life Sciences one would not hear much about Process Analytical Technology PAT a system for designing analysing and controlling manufacturing through timely measurements of critical quality and performance attributes of raw and inprocess materials and processes The idea behind PAT is not new It is more than a year old concept and a proven t...


A holistic approach

By offering companies a chance to understand and control their processes both at the RD and manufacturing stages PAT enables continuous quality verification and with it a chance to deliver consistent quality lower costs speed up product development and release improve market responsiveness and reduce supply chain bottlenecks Companies will also be...

Ready-To-Use Technologies

Driving process excellence and product safety

B iopharmaceuticals have enjoyed good success since the introduction of the first genetically engineered insulin by Eli Lilly in and we have seen hormones vaccines interferons and the recent triumphs of humanised monoclonal antibodies Mabs adding to a long list of commercialisations As traditional pharmaceutical companies continue their struggle t...

Lean Transformation

Superficial imitation or a paradigm shift?

For years The Shingo Prize has educated assessed and recognised operational excellence in outstanding companies What makes these organisations stand out and challenge their paradigm What tools and techniques are they usingwhat is their silver bullet Shigeo Shingo a management consultant and a practicing engineer grasped that true innovation and...

Identifying Counterfeit Drugs

An unexpected benefit of PAT / QbD

Counterfeit drugs cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars in lost revenues every year In addition to the economic impact these counterfeit products endanger the health of patients The problem is that there is no one type of deception Counterfeiting may be as simple as an older real product relabelled and rebottled all the way to harmfu...

Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

What makes them effective?

The fight against counterfeiting tampering and diversion of pharmaceuticals is a global and complex challenge No doubt the traditional definition of drug safety has acquired the additional dimension of drug securityor more precisely security of the supply chain and custody of the chain But consumers accustomed to their governments protecting them f...

Clinical Trials

Japans Step Towards Global Studies

In September Japans Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency PMDA released a new guideline for the biopharmaceutical industry entitled Basic Concept for International Joint Clinical Trials The PMDA issued the guideline in response to growing concern about the druglag challenge facing Japan As of now new biopharmaceutical products typically ente...

Adaptive Trial Design

Enhancing the quality of clinical trials

Investment in pharmaceutical research and development has more than doubled in the past decade however the increase in spending for biomedical research does not reflect an increased success rate of pharmaceutical development Reasons for this include a diminished margin for improvement escalates the level of difficulty in proving drug benefits eas...

Metabolomics Strategy

Identifying tissue-specific drug effects

Clinicians commonly rely on a tiny fraction of the information contained in the metabolome measuring eg glucose and cholesterol to monitor diabetes and cardiovascular health respectively New analytical platforms for metabolomics and tools for informatics that afford extended and sensitive measurement of the metabolome are therefore expected to beco...

Research & Development

Mitochondrial Nanomedicine

Tailored and efficient therapeutics

Significant progress has been made in elucidating the central role of mitochondria in influencing the life and death of a cell Yet effective therapies for mitochondrial diseases remain elusive However the ongoing merger of nanoscience with mitochondrial medicine gives rise to novel strategies for diagnosis and therapy of mitochondrial disorders...

Multi-functional Nanomedicine

Technology convergence in development of targeted therapeutics

In the context of biomedical imaging and therapeutic applications nanosystems are defined as particles of less than nanometers in diameter that can overcome biological barriers and provide efficient delivery and have unique properties The application of nanotechnology for disease prevention diagnosis and treatment is receiving significant atten...

Drug Discovery

A decentralised multi-polar model

The pharmaceutical industry has major long standing problems with its RD productivity Its core model to discover and develop drugs has not changed in the last years The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry is actually not very innovative in translating invention and discovery from academics into commercial space The failure of the pharmaceu...

The Asian Vaccine Industry

Opportunities and challenges

Pele ChoiSing Chong Investigator and Director Vaccine Research Development Center National Health Research Institutes Taiwan Background As Nelson Mandela once wrote life or death for a young child too often depends on whether he is born in a country where the vaccines are available or not this may be regarded as a political descriptio

Controlling Infectious Diseases

Evaluation of vaccines

In the recent years many vaccine developments have focussed on therapeutic vaccines However prophylactic vaccines for infectious diseases continue to be of major importance The infectious diseases can impact the public health and the socioeconomy People are not aware of the threat of traditional diseases such as whooping cough pertussis or diphther...

Developing Cancer Vaccines

Using tumour-associated peptides

The goal of therapeutic cancer vaccines is to activate specialised cells of the immune system like cytotoxic Tcells to specifically destruct the cancer cells leaving the healthy tissues untouched To facilitate this the knowledge of tumourspecific antigens is required and such antigens have to be used in the right context for Tcell activation a proc...


Pharma and Biotech

Is it possible to continue growing?

Novartis recently released the results for its fourth quarter of While the companys turnover increased to US billion its net income decreased to US million If the income statement is corrected for extraordinary expenses Novartis operating earnings for the fourth quarter of were US billion about less compared to the earnings of the fourth qu...

Drug Research and Development

Bridging the innovation gap

Many think that may be regarded as the year that Big Pharma went beyond merely embracing biotechnology but decided that consolidation with its biologics breathren may well be the answer to the many problems currently plagueing them Over the past couple of decades Big Pharma has consolidated with other Big and midsize Pharma companies in a so calle...

US Biotech and Indian Pharma

Is there a win-win partnering strategy?

Recent trends in the global pharmaceutical industry suggest that the time may be right for a new business model to emerge Especially a model that draws upon the existing strengths of US biotechnology companies and Indian pharmaceutical companies to costeffectively discover and develop new drugs This would help simultaneously address the considerabl...

Finding the Way in China

Critical issues for partnership and investment

In the news almost constantly the Chinese business climate seems to be changing daily Overall international capital flows to Asia reached US billion in compared to US billion in and they are expected to have remained high in despite the recent turmoil in the banking and the capital markets Just as the US is seeing increasing globalisation i...

Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of now Developing a product pipeline is being...