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Nanotechnology Promise

Nanotech presents many opportunities to pharmaceutical giants ranging from better delivery of existing drugs to entirely new therapies based on nanomaterials Matthew Nordan Vice President Research Lux Research..


Open Source Drug Discovery

A feasible business model?

The concept of open source model which is a huge success in the software industry holds great promise for the pharma industry as it strives to lower the cost of drug discovery and improve the bottom lines..

The Arab Drug Industry

Challenges and future potential

Though Arab drug industry is increasingly contributing to the production of biotechnology products particularly vaccines and herbal medicines the main challenge is to achieve the regional objective of selfsufficiency in the production of essential dr..

Breaking Down Borders

Asian biotechnology industry

Crossborder collaboration in biotech industry has been emphasised by both the public and private sectors of many Asian countries Although there are still many obstacles to overcome such efforts have started to bear fruits..

Empowering Patients in Asia

Persistent changes in the healthcare landscape in Asia are driving the demand for increased information to patients to empower them as consumers Better access to information more patient responsibility and a greater focus on prevention of disease sho..

Research & Development

Unconventional Micro and Nanofabrication

Biological tools and assays developed through unconventional nanofabrication techniques are proving to be inexpensive..

Nanobiomechanics and Human Diseases

Insights into the pathophysiology

Nanobiomechanics research carried out on human diseases provides new and important insights into their pathophysiology and may suggest new methods for early detection and diagnosis..

Sonication-Assisted Nanoencapsulation

Nanoencapsulation of low soluble cancer drugs has been elaborated through powerful ultrasonication of the drug powder and simultaneous sequential polyelectrolyte deposition This is a novel approach that allows change in capsule wall thickness to adju..

Improving Pharmaceutical R&D

Using Lean Sigma

Application of Lean Sigma to pharmaceutical research and development is a scientific process and requires high level of engagement from all key stakeholders..

Target Deconvolution in the Post-genomic Era

In times of reduced productivity coupled with increasing costs within the pharmaceutical industry reductionistic targetbased drug discovery has come under pressure and phenotypebased discovery has gained momentum Target deconvolution is an important ..

Getting to the Bone

Fighting skeletal cancer metastases with specific T-lymphocytest

Breast prostate and lung cancer most frequently metastasise to the skeleton Adoptive immunotherapy with antigenspecific Tlymphocytes may represent an alternative to standard treatment modalities such as chemotherapy and radiation which can only provi..

Current Advances in Proteomics

Every single protein in the human body is a potential target for diagnosis and treatment of diseases This article presents a brief description of biotechnology methods applied in proteomics that may help discovering new drugs..

Clinical Trials

Demystifying Biomarker Discovery

The discovery of a disease biomarker using mass spectrometry involves careful planning and strategy The article describes how a rheumatoid arthritis biomarker was identified and explains various steps in biomarker discovery..

Retention of Subjects

The question of informed consent

Although the factors that lead to the loss of subjects in clinical trials are poorly understood lost to followup is still too frequently recorded as an outcome This article explores the issues involved in the planning and conduct of clinical trials a..


Unlocking the value

PLM solution in packaging and labelling

The pharma industry can add value reduce costs and improve the overall quality of its products by improving packaging and labelling processes enabled by integrated Product Lifecycle Management solutions..

Using Chemometrics in PAT

Investigating data from the process

Processes of today are often equipped with sensors and measurement systems collecting large amount of data Chemometrics is developed to handle large amount of data for overview monitoring and relations between raw materials process parameters instrum..

Eliminating Guesswork

Automating PAT PM process control

Modern process analytical technology systems generate continuous quality monitoring and provide plant process controllers with highly useful process information to increase the productivity and adhere to higher quality standards..

Large-scale Biochromatography

What lies ahead?

Many new approaches have been considered for largescale chromatography including membrane adsorbers The benefits and drawbacks of these devices and their potential impact on the biopharmaceutical industry are discussed..

Single-use Bioprocess Containers

Economics of usage in Asia

Extensive adoption of singleuse products in manufacturing has shown considerable cost reductions by limiting initial capital costs utilities required and cleaning validation etc Do they promise the same benefits in the Asian manufacturing scenario wh..

Cell-based Potency Assays

Adhering to GMP standards

The means of measuring the biological activity of a new drug is of critical importance to its release The process through which a manufacturer can achieve this measure should be clearly defined before preclinical studies are initiated The quality and..

Expert Talk

Clinical Trials in China

China from other competitors such as India Russia and Brazil is that there are many patients in China who can afford expensive products In fact just about all of the multinational pharmaceutical companies have inlicensing groups that are particularly..

Effective Interactions

Institute - Industry

R S Gaud is a senior academician in Pharma Sciences since the last 30 years and is responsible for shaping the Pharmacy division at NMIMS University He also has worked as an advisor at All India Council Technical Education for five years He is also a..