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Pharma\\\'s Future

In the rapidly changing pharma landscape worldwide the traditional business model no longer meets the requirements and hence the industry needs to move away from it The biggest concern for the industry right now however is what the future has in stor..


Anticipating the Future

Biorepositories hold the key

To fully realise the potential gains of human genome diversity and its relationship to human disease biorepositories must play an integral role Through optimal utilisation of such repositories comprehensive human phenotype data can be united with cor..

2012 and beyond

What lies ahead

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a tough road ahead in the future marketplace Though pharmaceuticals remain the most costeffective healthcare intervention they should bring about a significant transformation in their organisations to realise the..

Asia\\\'s Antibody Market

Realising the potential through strategic alliances

The antibody market is a key growth area for biologics reenergising pharma RD and delivering nextgeneration medicinesFor Roche the worlds biggest biologics company Asia is a key part of the companys future strategy thanks to the regions boom in antib..

Drug Discovery and India

A force to reckon with

The pharmaceutical industry is going through a tough time due to drying RD pipeline poor productivity spiralling cost of research and cash crunch..

Personalised Medicine

End of the Blockbuster?

There is significant concern that Personalised Medicine will cause the end of the blockbuster era in pharmaceuticals The reality is that what must evolve is the model for financial return application of stratification in medicine and focussed researc..

Research & Development

Transforming Drug Development

A fully outsourced model

The Pharmaceutical Industry is not transforming fast enough to address the persistent decline in productivity Alternative drug development models are being explored in an effort to jumpstart transformation Eli Lilly and Company has created and succes..

Changing Face of GPCR Drug Discovery

Opportunistic future

Although GPCR drug hunters can boast of a successful and glorious past the present and future challenges remain high Some of the changing paradigms in GPCR research that may aid in confronting the challenging environment of GPCR drug discovery are di..

New Drugs in Japan

Conditional authorisation

Conditional authorisation and early postmarketing phase vigilance systems constitute an integral part of new drug approval and risk management in Japan They intend to ensure safe launch and early access to patients of new drugs..

Oral Inhalation Technology

Impact of nanotechnology

Regulatory awareness has led to the need for new approaches when regulating nanotechnology in the inhaled area Opportunities as well as challenges exist If addressed they can open the doors for new IP to be generated along with considerations that ca..

When medical need is not matched by market opportunity

Tropical parasitic diseases are major contributors to mortality and morbidity in the developing world yet fail to offer a compelling market opportunity for new pharmaceutical development The industry can and should contribute to such efforts by col..

Clinical Trials

The Biomarkers Consortium

Advancing Biomarkers Research

The Biomarkers Consortium is an opportunity for public and private entities to join forces and pool resources in order to advance biomarkers research an exciting and challenging mission This novel experiment is an exciting and challenging endeavour t..


Cost-effective clinical research

In response to growing pressure to improve the efficiency of the drug development process many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are turning to emerging markets to reduce RD costs and speed development times..

Trifunctional Antibody Format

Concept and first drug candidate

Trifunctional antibodies represent promising new cancer therapeutics based on a unique mode of action The first drug candidate catumaxomab showed strong antitumour efficacy in a pivotal phase II III trial in advanced cancer patients The clinically r..

Optimising Development Costs

The global financial crisis is impacting almost all industriesincluding pharmaceuticals Minimising cost is a growing focus in the industry In Asia the impact comes in two forms On one hand pharma companies are motivated to scale their development ope..

Paediatric Drug Development

Taking a practical approach

Conducting clinical studies in children is often a difficult undertaking However with proper planning and using the right resources one can run safe timely and successful trials in this challenging population..

Asian Clinical Trials

Managing patient reported outcomes

Selecting the appropriate methodtype of Patient Reported Outcomes administration has strategic importance in the preparatory stage of clinical trials In the results phase PROs bring to the fore the patients perception of treatment benefit and its imp..


Buying into Lean Pharma

The article is a 30000 feet flyby of the essential stepping stones leading to a sustained lean deployment This pragmatic approach based on personal successes and failures has been proven in several industries and across three continents by the author..

Biopharmaceutical Operations

Developing the science

Drawing parallels with the semiconductor industry the authors argue that biopharmaceutical firms are finally reaching a point where efficient operations are becoming critical thus necessitating advanced research in biopharmaceutical operations The ar..

Demand-driven Manufacturing

Designing profitable supply chain

In life sciences traditional supply chains were designed from the insideout perspective To adaptively meet actual demand from the customer and translate it into global tradeoffs supply chains need to be designed from an outsidein perspective..

Information Technology

Innovative IT

Enabling pharmaceutical Research & Development

The pharmaceutical industry is facing increasingly severe challenges to its mission of delivering novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs Today a heightened focus is being placed on leveraging maximum value from its core asset informatio..

A compliant IT environment with IT service management software

IT can play a key role in cutting down the costs of production and helping biopharmaceutical companies maintain regulatory compliance IT service management software can be an essential element in..

Data Mining in Clinical IT

A real life industrialised model

Data mining has always been important to our industry Having the ability to mine across the entire product lifecycle has always been the goal To date data and systems noninteroperability has been one of the major challenges to this effort This case s..