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Safety Reports

Preparation, interpretation & relevance

Safety reports play a key role in the assessment of drug safety While preparation of these reports is a mammoth task appropriate approval and authorisation distribution and monitoring of timely compliance as well as archiving of prepared submissions ..

Patent dispute settlement by Arbitration


Disputes interfere with the successful use and commercialization of patent rights Providing way for resolving them as fairly and competently as possible without disturbing underlying business relationships is therefore an important challenge for inte..

Research & Development

The Promise of Stem Cells

Exploiting the potential

Stem Cells have been repeatedly talked in public and scientific community and all the stem cell biologists and scientists agree that stem cell have the potential for treating human diseases and disorders For the business purpose the possibilities of ..

Clinical Trials


Lotus Pharmaceuticals Issues New Patent For Controlled-Release Diabetes Drug


Information Technology

IT Clouds in Life Sciences

Key to long term sustainability

Cloud solutions offer immediate returns in improving operational performance and reducing costs Multiple approaches to cloud solutions will be needed to satisfy life science industry needs complicating the development of a coherent cloud strategy..

Expert Talk

M&A in Pharma Expert Views

Sujay J Shetty, Associate Director, Pharma Life Sciences , Advisory Corporate Finance, PriceWaterhousecoopers, India