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Expert Talk

M&A in Pharma Expert Views

Sujay J Shetty, Associate Director, Pharma Life Sciences , Advisory Corporate Finance, PriceWaterhousecoopers, India

From and Indian biotech pharma companys pointofview what is better a partnership or an acquisition It is difficult to answer because it is different for each company It depends on the strategies and the objectives of the acquirer If they feel they have specific skills that they can tap into which can be better addressed in partnership for exampl...

Clinical Trials


Lotus Pharmaceuticals Issues New Patent For Controlled-Release Diabetes Drug

Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary En Ze Jia Shi Pharmaceuticals has been issued a patent for controlledrelease of oral gliclazide which is commonly used to control mild to moderate adultonset Type diabetes The patent that covers the composition and preparation methods for the drug through has been issued...

Research & Development

The Promise of Stem Cells

Exploiting the potential

It is widely believed that stem cells hold great promises and potential for both basic sciences and medicine Stem cells are expected to improve our understanding of fundamental biological processes help in developing model for human diseases such as birth defect or cancer help in establishing a platform for drug screening and toxicity studies in or...


Patent dispute settlement by Arbitration


Introduction Intellectual Property Rights is one of most important property of almost all the domain globally New technologies in the field of life sciences have resulted in the increase of number of patent applications filed worldwide Exploitation protection and enforcement of patent rights at the international level are very crucial for all th...

Safety Reports

Preparation, interpretation & relevance

Safety Reports are essential documents which are crucial to the global process of assessment of Drug Safety Safety Reports are designated as Periodic Safety Update Reports PSUR Addendum Reports AR and Summary Bridging Reports SBR depending on the periodicity of the submissions as well as the contents of the document The regulatory requirements in m...