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Information Technology

Can Animation Software Help Find Cures for Cancer and HIV?

While D animation and visual effects have traditionally been associated with the movie and gaming industries the same software used to create blockbuster games and movies is now moving beyond the silver screen into the research laboratories of the leading players in the healthcare pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries Enter the era of bio...


Continuous Process Performance Monitoring Using Nelson Rules

Regulatory agencies expect that there should be a system for process monitoring for detecting unplanned departures from the process during manufacture and to identify future process improvement opportunities in order to provide continual assurance that the process is in a state of control validated state during manufacture to ensure desired product...

Research & Development

Biomarkers of Drug-Induced Liver Injury

An update on progress

DILI has been the most frequent single cause of safetyrelated drug marketing withdrawals for the past years and continues to be a significant cause of drug failure Significant effort has been expended to try to reduce the failure rate of drugs due to hepatotoxicity and overtly hepatotoxic agents are typically removed during screening or in preclin...

Similar Biologics

A golden bird to tame

In the past three decades biotechnologyled medicines have revolutionised the treatment of several life threatening and rare diseases The substances produced by living cells and used in the treatment diagnosis or prevention of diseases are referred to as biologic drugs or biologics or biopharmaceuticals or recombinant therapeutics Since the approval...

Quality Challenges in Drug Delivery

The role for quality by design and excipients

Drug delivery companies and the products borne from them are often characterised by complex partnerships between companies with licensing agreements and strategic relationships The challenges they seek to face and overcome rely upon strong technology delivering drugs to targeted sites in the patient Outsourcing of opportunities has dramatically...


SAP ERP Implementation Strategy & Validation Activity Before Implementation in Pharma / Biopharma Business

The Pharma industry operates under drug regulations imposed by various drug administrations This necessitates continuous monitoring and tracking A high profile ERP package is essential to meet this requirement For monitoring online activity and to ensure Good Manufacturing Practices it is necessity to implement electronic documentation generation a...