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Reducing Post-Marketing Drug Withdrawals

Promise of new biomarkers

Adverse effects of drugs can sometimes outweigh their benefits Exposure to a drug may injure sensitive organs particularly liver the most important organ in drug toxicity To date more than 900 drugs have been identified for causing liver injury Withd..


SAP ERP Implementation Strategy & Validation Activity Before Implementation in Pharma / Biopharma Business

In the 21st century electronic records are most preferable option in every field Pharma Biopharma business is continuously growing simultaneously new regulations has been strengthened on routine basis To full fill the requirement SAPERP system is th..

Research & Development

Quality Challenges in Drug Delivery

The role for quality by design and excipients

This article deals with how some companies have adapted to the Quality by Design QbD environment and also looks at some of the core elements of solid dose drug delivery and the raw materials used The context for this latter part will look at how drug..

Similar Biologics

A golden bird to tame

Biologics are inherently different from chemicals drugs in terms of their source structural complexity fragility of the active substance manufacturing quality control and stability Since chemical drugs have welldefined structure their quality can be ..

Biomarkers of Drug-Induced Liver Injury

An update on progress

DrugInduced Liver Injury DILI is responsible for the postmarketing withdrawal of many drugs The limitations of routine safety biomarkers eg standard clinical pathology parameters in predicting DILI have long been recognised both by the industry and r..


Continuous Process Performance Monitoring Using Nelson Rules

Process monitoring is the method of collecting process data and statistical evaluation of critical process parameters to identify unplanned and unforeseen process changes and shifts drifts in order to verify and demonstrate that the process is opera..

Information Technology

Can Animation Software Help Find Cures for Cancer and HIV?

Visual effects software is more commonly associated with the movie and gaming industries but is today being used in pharmaceutical and life science research laboratories to digitally visualise simulate and replicate micro biological processes that ma..