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Current State of Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Industry

Current State of Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Industry



Analytical Characterisations of Bio-Similar Products and Peptide-based Drugs

Biosimilars can exhibit tremendous heterogeneity in terms of structural and posttranslational modifications Therefore comprehensive characterisation of biosimilars is necessary to ensure safety and efficacy The analytical tests to demonstrate similar..

Decision-making in Vaccines

How the fusion of price with access risks a tragedy of the commons

If we are to maintain a healthy global market for vaccines RD and production as well as optimising its benefit to mankind those taking public health and financial decisions about vaccinations must have access to the expertise that will prevent them f..

State of Pharmacovigilance

Proposals for streamlining the system

In recent years there has been a proliferation of pharmacovigilance guidelines and regulations Regulatory authorities have implemented different requirements templates and regulations and some of them have asked pharmaceutical companies to produce ma..

Growing the Regenerative Medicine Industry in Asia-Pacific with Help from Regulatory Science

Regenerative medicine RM is a gamechanging area of medicine with the potential to bring products that incorporate a viable cellular component intended to repair replace or restore diseased damaged or missing tissues into the marketplace However becau..

The Genetically Modified Organisation

New research points to how leaders can accelerate their firm’s evolution

To paraphrase Darwin it is not the strongest nor most intelligent life science company that will survive it is the one most able to change Yet many companies find it very difficult to change in ways that preserves the best of the corporate DNA whilst..


Towards the Operationalisation of Production Systems

Simultaneously increasing effectiveness and efficiency

In recent history Multinational Corporations MNCs from all industries have established their own production systems based on Toyotas unique success story Nevertheless industrial companies are still facing issues when it comes to the quantification of..

Expert Talk

Contract Manufacturing in APAC

An innovative solution provider - Vetter

In this executive management interview Peter Soelkner of Vetter explains the companys strategy behind its increased APAC presence offers his insights on the position of the APAC region as compared to other world markets and discusses the advantages t..