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Issue 24 | 2016

Issue 24



Current State of Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Industry

Current State of Regulatory Compliance in Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical companies operate in one of the most dynamic environments Changes in regulations by leading bodies such as US Food and Drug Administration USFDA and the European Medicines Agency EMA have increased the significance of regulatory compliance management for drug manufacturers Pharma companies across the globe are compelled to alter thei...


The Genetically Modified Organisation

New research points to how leaders can accelerate their firm’s evolution

In a market characterised by change it is a truism that life science companies must adapt to survive Yet such change is notoriously difficult as the extinction of our industrys great names shows Between and for example the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America PhRMA lost per cent of its members This attrition suggests that CEOs la...

Growing the Regenerative Medicine Industry in Asia-Pacific with Help from Regulatory Science

Despite the scientific advances and progress in medicine there are only a few effective ways to treat the root causes of many injuries and diseases especially agerelated diseases Regenerative Medicine RM has the ability to repair and regenerate tissues and organs damaged by injuries diseases or the natural progression of age These therapies have th...

State of Pharmacovigilance

Proposals for streamlining the system

In recent years pharmacovigilance has been recognised as being one of the most important sciences in the health sector and this has led to develop new regulations and guidelines not only in Europe but also in the developing countries around the world The only goal of pharmacovigilance is protecting safety and this of course is also the aim of new r...

Decision-making in Vaccines

How the fusion of price with access risks a tragedy of the commons

In four global vaccine producersSanofi Pasteur Merck Pfizer and GSKinvested significantly over US m each in global vaccines RD each year This has shrunk from global RD vaccine producers in and in Today there are only two producers for each of the northern hemispheres principle infant adolescent and adult vaccines In the past these RD based pro...

Analytical Characterisations of Bio-Similar Products and Peptide-based Drugs

Biopharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins have emerged as important lifethreatening therapeutics for the treatment of diseases including cancer Recently products are approved for various human diseases in the United States of America and the European Union Moreover biopharmaceuticals are currently in various stages...


Towards the Operationalisation of Production Systems

Simultaneously increasing effectiveness and efficiency

Historic development of contemporary production systems Although the Toyota Production System TPS was developed as a specific production model for Toyotas unique circumstances in the s such as lack of natural resources lifetime employment practices enterprise unions need for an increased variety of products in smaller quantities Sugimori et al Lee...