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Issue 25 | 2016

Issue 25



Rigour or Rigmarole

Life sciences companies vary enormously in their size structure and processes but almost every firm shares the annual ritual of the strategic plan Whatever the business the intended outcome of this nearuniversal process is an agreed view on how the firm intends to win in the market place As such it ought to be seen as the most important and fundame...

The Future of Pharma Regulations

The Pharma industry at large is faced with challenges due to fast changing global regulations and many countries moving towards adopting a tighter control over drugs The patent cliff has pushed the industry to maximise their revenue from the existing portfolio in the past few years and thus resulted in expanding their market in emerging markets Thi...

Four Switches of Success

Life science firms exist to meet the needs of patients whilst simultaneously creating value for their shareholders or owners That much is obvious It is also apparent that firms vary greatly in their ability to do these two things the different longevities of companies tell us that What is much less clear is why firms differ so much in their ability...

Research & Development

Drug Development

A question-based process

With over two decades of experience within the realm of Drug Development behind you what are the milestones of your career journey that you would like to share with usLast two decades was really wonderful and exciting journey working in drug development industry Though I cannot claim but have experienced almost entire process of drug developme...


Immunogenicity of Protein Biotherapeutics

The development of recombinant DNA technology has dramatically increased the use of protein biotherapeutics such as antibodies hormones and enzymes These are useful in the treatment of a wide range of diseases including cancerous conditions infections diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis The relative success of these new drugs has stimulated the devel...

Information Technology

Electronic FDA Submissions

Is APAC prepared for the 2017 mandate?

Two pieces of US legislation impact the future of the life sciences industry the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act FDASIA and the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare FDASIA establishes user fee acts brings generic drugs under a stronger set of guidelines and sets into motion a countdown to May when all submissions to t...

Cost effective Data Operations

The need for an E2E data standards ecosystem

The main focus of Data Operations groups within biopharmaceutical companies is to ensure the highest possible quality of data for clinical studies With the combined challenges of compliance to Data Standards increasing diversity of data collection tools nearreal time visualisation of safety data and the opportunity of insilico studies Data Operatio...

Expert Talk

Biologics’ Drug Delivery Systems

To begin what trends do you see in drug delivery systems for biologic drugsThere are several trends that we see in drug delivery systems in general and more specifically in the fast and continuously growing biologic drug sectorThe first trend is the need for drug delivery systems that are patient friendly This means the development of drugs...

Pushing the Limits of Temperature Control

Transforming packaging perceptions

What is the current state of temperaturecontrolled transportTodays pharmaceutical environment has become increasingly complex with more specialty products like biologics injectable and clinical trial drugs being shipped than ever which in turn raises the stakes and the costs of mishandling There is a greater need for more sophisticated and pe...