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Advancing Production Capabilities to Boost China’s Pharmaceutical Market

The path forward is paved with Industry 4.0 and brand security solutions alongside regulatory change and new infrastructure

According to 2017s report by the US Chamber of Commerce on the Made in China 2025 industrial plan an innovation gap leaves the country dependent on foreign companies for patented pharmaceutical drugs As China aims to close that gap companies must adv..

Integrated Drug Development Strategy

The nexus to value-based pricing

With only 12 per cent of drug candidates entering clinical trials resulting in an approved drug and 20 per cent recouping their investment there is an unquestionable need to change the way pharma develops drugs This paper will show how a modern state..

Statin Drug Interactions and Related Adverse Reactions

Statins are generally well tolerated with a low frequency of adverse events but since statins are prescribed on a longterm basis many patients will typically receive pharmacological therapy for concomitant conditions during the course of statin treat..

Research & Development

Stem Cell and Gene Delivery

An update

These days gene and stem cell therapies have the potential to make the substantial impact on the treatment of several diseases However there are pros and cons of each strategy but the optimal selection of gene delivery vector or stem cell may often l..

Clinical Trials

ManagingClinical TrialAgreements

Clinical Trial Agreements set out how a clinical trial will be run at the site and are an essential GCP document There are a number of key factors that determine whether a Clinical Trial Agreement is successful in achieving that purpose which we will..


Drug Concentration Assurance of Continuous Tablet Manufacturing

Advanced process control strategy

In the pharmaceutical industry Real Time Release RTR can be facilitated by the development of a highly efficient control system The drug concentration in final tablet is one of the most critical quality attributes that must be assured before releasin..

Pharmaceutical Crystallisation

Emerging process intensification technologies

Crystallisation is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for the separation and purification of chemical compounds Recently radically new technologies have been developed that allow for step improvements in the performance of pharmaceutical..

HPAPI Qualification Testing

Considerations in containment testing

Containment is critical in oral solid dose drug production particularly if it involves Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients HPAPI This article examines how containment valves and wireless monitoring can keep employees safe and improve manu..

Information Technology


Breaking Silos to Enable Analytics

Faster decision making and better trial oversight at all levels requires truly next generation data integration and analytics Source and format agnostic data aggregation aided by modern data lake architecture and advanced analytics deliver interactiv..



Scalable, Secure and Compliant File Transferr


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