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Pharma R&D Data

Integration and analytics

Despite years of efforts drug development continues to be challenging complex costintensive and timeconsuming The pharma RD process requires years of research and huge data gathering Through the whole process from discovery and development to clinical trial a drug developer would have gathered massive data on compounds diseases patient information...

Information Technology


Breaking Silos to Enable Analytics

Traditionally controlled trials have dominated drug development Increasing focus on rare diseases and access to relevant patients have led to challenges where no single dataset can fulfil all research and development requirements Biopharmaceutical companies need to prioritise their business questions and map them to the appropriate source Construct...


HPAPI Qualification Testing

Considerations in containment testing

Growing demand for High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients HPAPI and the rising prevalence of therapy areas such as oncology immunesuppressants and hormonebased products are fuelling the need for high potency handling capabilities As the use of high potency containment systems is rising manufacturers are looking at more innovative containmen...

Pharmaceutical Crystallisation

Emerging process intensification technologies

Solution crystallisation is the formation of a crystalline solid state from a homogeneous solution Different methods exist to create the driving force for crystal nucleation and growth Common crystallisation methods are based on strategies to lower the solubility eg via cooling or the addition of a socalled antisolvent or to increase the solute con...

Drug Concentration Assurance of Continuous Tablet Manufacturing

Advanced process control strategy

Currently pharmaceutical companies are going through a paradigm shift from conventional batch to Continuous Manufacturing CM process integrated with advanced automation and control system In CM Real Time Release Testing RTRT can be facilitated by the development of a highly efficient control system that can monitor and correct process variables in...

Clinical Trials

ManagingClinical TrialAgreements

Clinical trial agreements are an essential GCP document and are integral to achieving clinical trial success They define the legal relationship between sponsors Clinical Research Organisations CRO and sites and establish the rules under which the clinical trial will be conducted There are several key criteria which determine whether A Clinical Tria...

Research & Development

Stem Cell and Gene Delivery

An update

This years the interest in stem cell and genebased therapy showed from industries and spinout companies have been exceptional which reflects the growing confidence in the field grounded on frequently reports of the therapeutic efficacy and the licensing of stem cell and genebased therapies Yet stem cellbased therapy remains in its early stages akin...


Statin Drug Interactions and Related Adverse Reactions

Statins are a wellestablished class of drugs for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia with a proven longterm safety profile Statins have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with or at risk for coronary heart disease Catapano et al Statin use is expanding and approximately per cent of the world popu...

Integrated Drug Development Strategy

The nexus to value-based pricing

The burgeoning costs of healthcare globally are not sustainable The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development reports that it costs on average US million and years to develop and obtain regulatory approval for a new drug Driving up drug prices is the fact that only per cent of drug candidates entering clinical trials result in an approved dr...

Advancing Production Capabilities to Boost China’s Pharmaceutical Market

The path forward is paved with Industry 4.0 and brand security solutions alongside regulatory change and new infrastructure

China is the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world according to a Top Markets Report on the countrys pharmaceutical industry by the International Trade Administration The same report also forecast the country to grow from US billion in to US billion by However despite the markets sheer size several hurdles line the path in moving


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ABC Service for Temperature sensitive Cargo

About AirBridgeCargo ABC is one of the major global cargo airlines and its expanding route network connects customers in the largest transregional markets of Asia Europe and North America covering more than major cargo gateways and accommodating trade flows worldwide All the flights are operated via ABCs cargo hub in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport...

Medical Fair Asia 2018 Leads the Industry through Future-ready Products and Industry-leading Conferences & Forums

29 - 31 Aug 2018 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Asias top medical and healthcare exhibition MEDICAL FAIR ASIA is set to continue its growth path with its th edition An expected exhibitors from countries and national pavilions will grace Asias largest medical and healthcare exhibition Visitors will get to source from a comprehensive range of more than products ranging from digital health tec...

Medical Manufacturing Asia 2018

Delivering solutions for the future of medtech

Innovative medical technology is an increasingly important driver for delivering efficiencies in the global healthcare system Through advances in medical technology precision engineering micromanufacturing processes and IT medical devices and solutions have become more sophisticated accurate and effective As a specialist exhibition on manufactur...


Scalable, Secure and Compliant File Transferr

Ipswitchs Managed File Transfer MFT Solution MOVEit enables healthcare organisations to deliver scalable secure and compliant patient care and business services Whether you are looking to secure your electronic Protected Health Information PHI in order to comply with HIPAAHITECH data protection mandates or you want to onboard new patient service...