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Social Media and the Pharma Industry


Daniela Fabriani, Media Manager, GDS international

Every other industry is getting on the social media bandwagon. But could social media actually prove beneficial to the world of pharma?

Outside of the pharmaceutical industry, business is continually finding innovative ways to make use of social media to engage with customers in order to drive sales, maintain relationships and uncover issues. Within the world of pharma, however, an intense regulatory environment and over-protectiveness of intellectual property have proven a minefield for pharma companies keen to dip their toes into the social media pool.

One of the key stumbling blocks for pharma companies wishing to fully embrace the social media revolution is the strict regulatory environment, particularly when it comes to Adverse Event (AE) reactions to clinical trials. Currently, every time a patient tweets/blogs/comments about an AE, the FDA and EMEA become involved. In this context, pharma's obligation to its regulatory bodies has, without doubt, stifled its progression into the social media nucleus.

The requirement for promotional labelling and advertising to be submitted to regulatory bodies also severely restricts companies' ability to do any real-time social blogging relating to any of their products.

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