Advances in Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Advances in Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Pages: 304

Publisher: CRC Press

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Philip Chi Lip Kwok and Hak-Kim Chan

Book Description:

The respiratory tract has been used to deliver biologically active chemicals into the human body for centuries. However, the lungs are complex in their anatomy and physiology, which poses challenges to drug delivery. Inhaled formulations are generally more sophisticated than those for oral and parenteral administration. Pulmonary drug development is a specailized field because of its many unique issues and challenges. Rapid progress is being made and offers novel solutions to exisiting treatment problems. This book highlights the latest developments in this field.


This enlightening publication covers the lastest advances in pulmonary drug development, includes diverse topics from asthma diagnosis to inhaled vaccines, discusses inhaled traditional Chinese medicine ( a new field), provides insights from nternational authors who are experts in the field of both academia and the pharmaceutical industry as well as explores the development of the application of pulmonary drug delivery in various disease states.