Advancing Medicine Through Nanotechnology And Nanomechanics Applications

Advancing Medicine Through Nanotechnology And Nanomechanics Applications

Pages: 359

Publisher: IGI-Global

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Keka Talukdar, Mayank Bhushan, Anil Shantappa Malipatil

Book Description:

The application of nanotechnology within the medical sphere has had a significant influence on how diseases and conditions are treated and diagnosed. While many strides have been made, there is still continuous research on nanotechnology being performed in the field.

Advancing Medicine through Nanotechnology and Nanomechanics Applications highlights emergent trends and empirical research on technological innovations in medicine and healthcare. Investigating the impact of nanotechnology and nanomechanics on the treatment of diseases, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery systems, this publication is a vital reference source for professionals, researchers, medical students, and engineering students.

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