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Bioreactor Design Concepts for Viral Vaccine Production

Bioreactor Design Concepts for Viral Vaccine Production

Pages: 450

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Surajbhan Sevda, Sachin Kumar

Book Description:

Bioreactor Design Concepts for Viral Vaccine Production covers a range of interdisciplinary chapters from the engineering perspective of bioreactor design to the biotechnological perspectives of vector design for vaccine development. The book covers bioreactor concepts such as static systems, single-use systems, stirred tanks, perfusion, wave and packed-beds. It reviews options for efficient and economical production of human vaccines and discusses basic factors relevant for viral antigen production in mammalian cells, avian cells, and insect cells. This book will be a great resource for those interested in implemented novel bioreactor design or experimental schemes towards intensified or/and enhanced vaccine production.

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