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Clinical Metabolomics Applications in Genetic Diseases

Clinical Metabolomics Applications in Genetic Diseases

Pages: 350

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Anas M. Abdel Rahman

Book Description:

This book helps readers discover the forefront of personalized medicine on clinical metabolomics and its applications in genetic diseases. This comprehensive guide offers a functional relationship map between cell components and genetic variations in various diseases, providing insights that can be applied to personalized medicine.  

The book covers the latest developments in metabolomics for health, with practical guidance for clinical experts looking to advance their laboratory techniques and career. The metabolomics profile is a powerful tool that has revolutionized our understanding of the relationship between genetics, clinical readouts, and disease outcomes. By integrating metabolomics with genomics and clinical phenotypes, the authors have developed diagnostic and prediction models that have vastly improved patient outcomes and deepened the understanding of disease mechanisms. 

This model has been successfully applied in various conditions, including inborn errors of metabolism, primary immunodeficiency, and endocrine disorders. However, integrating metabolomics with other omics datasets and clinical phenotypes requires careful study design, analytical tools, and data analysis and interpretation. 

This groundbreaking new book provides essential guidance for researchers, students, and professionals looking to leverage metabolomics in their own work, including biochemical and clinical geneticists, pharmacogenomics and pharmacometabolomics experts, pharmaceutics and diagnostic researchers, medical scientists, clinical dietitians, metabolic engineers, clinical chemists, and personalized medicine specialists.

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