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Concepts and Pharmaceutical Applications of Antioxidants

Concepts and Pharmaceutical Applications of Antioxidants

Pages: 272

Publisher: Syrawood Publishing House

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Nick Gilmour

Book Description:

Antioxidants play a major role in preventing oxidative stress which is responsible for cell damage and other fatal diseases. This book is a collective contribution of specialists and experts associated with the field of antioxidants and their applications. The chapters included herein aim to provide significant information on some of the major concepts and pharmaceutical applications of antioxidants such as, activity of antioxidant compounds and substances, extraction and production of antioxidants from different sources, etc. This book would prove to be an invaluable source of reference for students and professionals alike.

The author of this book, Nick Gilmour, MD, PhD, is a scholar of cell biology and serves as a medical researcher in a reputed medical university in Pennsylvania, United States. He is actively engaged in the researches focused on oxidative stress and diseases. He spent more than 5 years studying the impact of antioxidant enzymes on human diseases, which resulted in more than 12 peer-reviewed journal papers.