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COVID-19 Viral Sepsis

COVID-19 Viral Sepsis

Pages: 308

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Uzma Syed, Cindy Hou

Book Description:

COVID-19 Viral Sepsis: Impact on Disparities, Disability, and Health Outcomes introduces the concepts of viral sepsis, its origins, and its implications. COVID-19 is a leading cause of viral sepsis with considerable impact on morbidity and mortality. Early recognition of signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can potentially impact patient outcomes. The book opens with an introduction and overview of sepsis, its clinical manifestations, prevention, and management. It goes on to discuss viral sepsis and sepsis caused by COVID-19. COVID-19, its diagnosis, management, sequelae, long-term consequences, challenges, and opportunities round out the coverage.

Users will find valuable key principles related to the recognition, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis due to COVID-19.


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