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Critical Care Toxicology

Critical Care Toxicology

Pages: 2350

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2018

Author(s) : Jeffrey Brent, Dr. Burkhart, Dr. Paul Dargan, Dr. Hatten, Bruno Megarbane and Dr. Palmer

Book Description:

Building on the previous edition with contributions from internationally renowned experts this book provides a fully comprehensive resource for managing the post emergency/treatment stage of acute poisoning. Chapters incorporate evidence-based paradigms with up-to-date citations from the original medical literature. Topic areas covered include: diagnosis and management of the critically poisoned patient, including pediatric patients and poisoning in pregnancy; toxic syndromes including hepatoxic and pulmonary syndromes as well as poisonings from medications, drugs of abuse, chemical and biological agents. This book is an essential resource for Clinical Toxicologists, Intensivists and Emergency Medicine specialists in training and in practice.

This reference publication supports medical staff in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with acute poisoning, updates the field with evidence-based paradigms and citations in each chapter and collates the work of international experts on both toxic syndromes and poisonings.