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Dendrimers in Nanomedicine

Dendrimers in Nanomedicine

Pages: 420

Publisher: Pan Stanford

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Delphine Felder-Flesch

Book Description:

Nanomedicine can take advantage of the recent developments in nanobiotechnology research for the creation of platforms with superior drug carrier capabilities, selective responsiveness to the environment, unique contrast enhancement profiles, and improved accumulation at the disease site. This book provides a broad glimpse of how various dendritic nanomaterials have been designed and used as efficient tools for nanomedicine. It comprises a pedagogic introduction to dendrimers and hyperbranched systems and their classical and accelerated syntheses through cutting-edge methodologies. The chapters on dendronized magnetic nanoparticles as theranostics, dendrimers in theory (molecular simulations), siRNA delivery with dendrimers, and dendrimers for image-guided therapy, combined with chapters focused on specific types of dendrimers or hyperbranched structures, detail the cutting-edge research in nanomedicine. Finally, a detailed chapter on issues related to the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of dendrimers helps choose the right structures for successful transfer from bench to bedside. This book will appeal to those involved in nanobiotechnology, macromolecular science, cancer therapy, tissue repair, and siRNA delivery research.


•   Features contributions from 22 world-renowned scientists (including M. W. Grinstaff, A. M. Caminade, R. Haag, L. Kaminskas, and N. K. Jain) in the field of dendritic nanosystems as nanomedicine tools, from 7 countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, USA, China, and India)

•  A combination of review-type chapters and chapters dedicated to specific dendrimers (anti-inflammatory PPH dendrimers, dendritic hydrogels, polyglycerols)

•  Covers research on dendrimer-based or dendrimer-nanoparticles hybrid nanodevices for use in nanomedicine, including aspects from material sciences, biology, various diagnostic methodologies, and computer simulation

•  First book to combine chapters on dendrimers, hydrogels, and polyglycerols, covering topics ranging from their syntheses to their applications in nanomedicine

•   Illustrated throughout with pedagogic figures and references to accompany each chapter

•   Suitable as a graduate-level textbook on nanomaterials for health, covering in great depth current research interest in personalized medicine with the help of dendritic materials, and as a handbook for researchers working in the field of nanoprobes for cancer imaging and therapy

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