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Drug Delivery Trends

Drug Delivery Trends

Pages: 246

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Ranjita Shegokar

Book Description:

Drug Delivery Trends examines a drift in the pharmaceutical field across the wide range of dosage forms, drug delivery systems (micro and nanoparticulate), at the regulatory front and on new types of therapies in the market. This volume additionally covers the challenges on drug delivery systems in terms of preclinical and current ways of determining quality and the options to solve the challenges associated with this. Most small-medium scale industries and academics struggle with initial regulatory challenges so a detailed discussion on regulatory trend covers the necessary basic understanding of regulatory procedures and provides the required guidance.

The series Expectations and Realities of Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems examines the fabrication, optimization, biological aspects, regulatory and clinical success of wide range of drug delivery carriers. This series reviews multifunctionality and applications of drug delivery systems, industrial trends, regulatory challenges and in vivo success stories. Throughout the volumes discussions on diverse aspects of drug delivery carriers, such as clinical, engineering, and regulatory, facilitate insight sharing across expertise area and form a link for collaborations between industry-academic scientists and clinical researchers.

Expectations and Realities of Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems connects formulation scientists, regulatory experts, engineers, clinical experts and regulatory stake holders. The wide scope of the book ensures it as a valuable reference resource for researchers in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry who want to learn more about drug delivery systems.

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