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Emerging Anti-Aging Strategies

Emerging Anti-Aging Strategies

Pages: 340

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Syed Ibrahim Rizvi

Book Description:

The book focuses on the emerging anti-aging approaches for maintaining better health in old age. It provides a current understanding of the underlying principle, possible targets, implementation approaches, and efficacy of the various anti-aging strategies. The chapters include a wide range of topics incorporating the major advances in anti-aging strategies, including telomerase activation, stem cell therapy, autophagy induction, sirtuin activation, and dietary restrictions. Further, it discusses the epigenetic mechanisms underlying aging-related processes and epigenetic strategies to delay and reverse aging-related diseases. The book covers the strategy based on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for understanding the complexity of aging and restoring the functionalities of organ systems. It further presents the applications of melatonin supplementation-based anti-aging therapeutic intervention. Finally, the book reviews the ethical dimension of anti-aging intervention strategies. This book is immensely useful to scientists and researchers from various disciplines in the life sciences.

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