Food and Drug Regulation in an Era of Globalized Markets, 1st Edition

Food and Drug Regulation in an Era of Globalized Markets, 1st Edition

Pages: 264

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2015

Author(s) : S. Halabi

Book Description:

This book’s interdisciplinary approach allows readers to understand the varying perspectives involved in regulatory development. It includes case studies to highlight harmonization efforts and challenges, and to provide practical insights for application going forward, provides a thorough assessment of supply chains, potential gaps, and means of anticipating and addressing issues, presents a comprehensive snapshot of changes in the food safety law in the United States and under international standards, including academic, industry and regulatory perspectives as well as  addresses conflicts and cooperation between relevant US agencies including USDA, FDA, DEA, EPA, FTC and the Department of Commerce

Food and Drug Regulation in an Era of Globalized Markets provides a synthesized look at the pressures that are impacting today’s markets, including trade liberalization, harmonization initiatives between governments, increased aid activities to low-and middle-income countries, and developing pharmaceutical sectors in China and India.

From the changing nature of packaged and processed food supply chains, to the reorientation of pharmaceutical research and funding coalesced to confront firms, regulators, and consumers are now faced with previously unknown challenges.

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