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How to Optimize Fluid Bed Processing Technology, 1st Edition

How to Optimize Fluid Bed Processing Technology, 1st Edition

Pages: 176

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2017

Author(s) : Dilip Parikh

Book Description:

How to Optimize Fluid Bed Processing Technology: Part of the Expertise in Pharmaceutical Process Technology Series addresses the important components of fluid bed granulation, providing answers to problems that commonly arise and using numerous practical examples and case studies as reference.

This book covers the theoretical concepts involved in fluidization, also providing a description of the choice and functionality of equipment. Additional chapters feature key aspects of the technology, including formulation requirements, process variables, process scale-up, troubleshooting, new development, safety, and process evaluation.

Given its discussion of theoretical principles and practical solutions, this is a go-to resource for all those scientists and new researchers working with fluid bed granulation as a unit operation.

Key Features:

•   Written by an expert in the field with several years of experience in product development, manufacturing, plant operations, and process engineering
•    Illustrates when fluid bed granulation is needed, when to use less common fluid bed granulation methods, and the advantages of fluid bed granulation when compared to other granulation techniques
•    Offers troubleshooting tips and practical advice for scientists working with this technique