Integrating Biologically-Inspired Nanotechnology into Medical Practice

Integrating Biologically-Inspired Nanotechnology into Medical Practice

Pages: 222

Publisher: IGI Global

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : B.K. Nayak, Anima Nanda and M. Amin Bhat

Book Description:

Nanotechnology has grown in its use and adoption across sectors. In particular, the medical field has identified the vast opportunities nanotechnology presents, especially for earlier disease detection and diagnosis versus traditional methods.

Integrating Biologically-Inspired Nanotechnology into Medical Practice presents the latest research on nanobiotechnology and its application as a real-world healthcare solution. Emphasizing applications of micro-scale technologies in the areas of oncology, food science, and pharmacology, this reference publication is an essential resource for medical professionals, researchers, chemists, and graduate-level students in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

This book showcases a comprehensive coverage of topics like Biomedical Technologies, Disease Diagnosis, Food Processing, Medicinal Plants, Molecular Diagnosis, Nanoencapsulation, Nanoparticles and Vaccine Delivery.

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