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Introducing Computation to Neuroscience

Introducing Computation to Neuroscience

Pages: 548

Publisher: Springer Cham

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Ad Aertsen, Sonja Grün, Pedro E. Maldonado, Günther Palm

Book Description:

This book brings together a selection of papers by George Gerstein, representing his long-term endeavor of making neuroscience into a more rigorous science inspired by physics, where he had his roots. Professor Gerstein was many years ahead of the field, consistently striving for quantitative analyses, mechanistic models, and conceptual clarity.  In doing so, he pioneered Computational Neuroscience, many years before the term itself was born.  The overarching goal of George Gerstein’s research was to understand the functional organization of neuronal networks in the brain. The editors of this book have compiled a selection of George Gerstein’s many seminal contributions to neuroscience--be they experimental, theoretical or computational--into a single, comprehensive volume .The aim is to provide readers with a fresh introduction of these various concepts in the original literature.  The volume is organized  in a series of chapters by subject, ordered in time, each one containing one or more of George Gerstein’s papers.

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