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Leading Pharmaceutical Innovation

Leading Pharmaceutical Innovation

Pages: 186

Publisher: Springer Publishing

Year of Publication: 2008

Author(s) : Gassmann, Oliver, Reepmeyer, Gerrit, Zedtwitz, Maximilian von

Book Description:

Pharmaceutical giants have doubled their investments in drug development in the past decade only to see new drug approvals remain constant. This book investigates and highlights a set of proactive strategies aimed at generating sustainable competitive advantage based on value-generating business practices. It focuses on three sources of pharmaceutical innovation: new management methods in the drug development pipeline, new technologies as enablers for cutting-edge R&D, and new forms of cooperation and internationalization, such as open innovation in the early phases of R&D. The findings are illustrated by cases from Europe, the US, and Asia.  The book is based on the three most important challenges in pharmaceutical innovation: productivity dilemma, new technology trends, globalization and outsourcing. Due to the CTO-roundtable with 14 selected international experts in pharmaceutical R&D whose result is presented, the book has a strong perspective from senior management. With management concepts and tools enabling leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to cope with new challenges and trends

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