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Managing the Drug Discovery Process, 2nd Edition

Managing the Drug Discovery Process, 2nd Edition

Pages: 586

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Susan Miller, Walter Moos, Barbara Munk, Stephen Munk, Charles Hart, David Spellmeyer

Book Description:

Managing the Drug Discovery Process, Second Edition thoroughly examines the current state of pharmaceutical research and development by providing experienced perspectives on biomedical research, drug hunting and innovation, including the requisite educational paths that enable students to chart a career path in this field. The book also considers the interplay of stakeholders, consumers, and drug firms with respect to a myriad of factors. Since drug research can be a high-risk, high-payoff industry, it is important to students and researchers to understand how to effectively and strategically manage both their careers and the drug discovery process. This new edition takes a closer look at the challenges and opportunities for new medicines and examines not only the current research milieu that will deliver novel therapies, but also how the latest discoveries can be deployed to ensure a robust healthcare and pharmacoeconomic future. All chapters have been revised and expanded with new discussions on remarkable advances including CRISPR and the latest gene therapies, RNA-based technologies being deployed as vaccines as well as therapeutics, checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T approaches that cure cancer, diagnostics and medical devices, entrepreneurship, and AI. Written in an engaging manner and including memorable insights, this book is aimed at anyone interested in helping to save countless more lives through science. A valuable and compelling resource, this is a must-read for all students, educators, practitioners, and researchers at large—indeed, anyone who touches this critical sphere of global impact—in and around academia and the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.

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