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Molecular Biology of B Cells

Molecular Biology of B Cells

Pages: 622

Publisher: 622

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Tasuku Honjo, Michael Reth, Andreas Radbruch, Frederick Alt, Alberto Martin

Book Description:

Molecular Biology of B Cells, Third Edition is a comprehensive reference to how B cells are generated, selected, activated, and engaged in antibody production. These developmental and stimulatory processes are described in molecular, immunological, and genetic terms to give a clear understanding of complex phenotypes. Molecular Biology of B Cells, Third Edition offers an integrated view of all aspects of B cells to produce a normal immune response as a constant, and the molecular basis of numerous diseases due to B cell abnormality. The new edition continues its success with updated research on B cell development and function, the use of therapeutic antibodies in cancer and infectious disease, therapeutic targeting of B cells for clinical application, new developments in lymphoma biology. With updated research and continued comprehensive coverage of all aspects of B cell biology, Molecular Biology of B Cells, Third Edition is the definitive resource, vital for researchers across molecular biology, immunology, and genetics.

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