Nanoarchitectonics for Smart Delivery and Drug Targeting, 1st Edition

Nanoarchitectonics for Smart Delivery and Drug Targeting, 1st Edition

Pages: 970

Publisher: William Andrew

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Alina Maria Holban, Alexandru Grumezescu

Book Description:

Nanoarchitectonics for Smart Delivery and Drug Targeting is one of the first books on the market to exclusively focus on the topic of nanoarchitectonics, a rapidly developing area of nanotechnology which allows scientists to arrange nanoscale structural units, typically a group of atoms or molecules, in an intended configuration.

This book assesses novel applications of nanomaterials in the areas of smart delivery and drug targeting using nanoarchitectonics and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each application.

Key Features:

•    Provides a scholarly introduction to the uses of nanoarchitectonics in drug delivery and targeting
•    Explores novel opportunities and ideas for developing and improving nanoscale drug delivery systems through the use of nanoarchitectonics, allowing scientists to see how this exciting new technology is used in practice
•    Assesses the pros and cons of each application, allowing readers to assess when it is most appropriate to use nanoarchitectonics in drug delivery

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