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Oncology: Genomics, Precision Medicine and Therapeutic Targets

Oncology: Genomics, Precision Medicine and Therapeutic Targets

Pages: 274

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Hardeep Singh Tuli, Mükerrem Betül Yerer Aycan

Book Description:

This book describes translational cancer therapeutics and the way forward from clinical and molecular diagnosis to treatment. In addition, genomics alterations, microRNAs, and long non-coding RNAs translate precision medicine for the individualistic therapy of cancer patients. It describes the involvement of various pharmacogenetic factors in pharmacodynamic/pharmacokinetic (PD/PK) modulations of medicines. Indeed, the role of bioinformatics and biostatistics, considering the extensive data analysis serving precision medicine approaches, has also been entertained in the present book. Therefore, intended book demonstrates the successful medical evidence for the use of precision medicine in the treatment of cancer and its future clinical perspectives. It fills the gaps in cancer biology and precision medicine with its up-to-date content and well-designed chapters. It will serve as a valuable resource for science, medical students, and interdisciplinary researchers. It is a very welcome addition for the scientific community, research centers, and university-industry research collaborators to find out a complete capsular package about cancer drug targets, precision, and personalized medicine (including an introduction to cancer cell signaling, genomic alterations, miRNA targeting, pharmacogenetics, biomarkers, and metabolomics in precision medicine, etc.) at a single platform.

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