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Pharmaceutical Calibration, Validation and Qualification: A Comprehensive Approach

Pharmaceutical Calibration, Validation and Qualification: A Comprehensive Approach

Pages: 215

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Shiv Shankar Shukla, Ravindra Kumar Pandey, Beena Gidwani, Gunjan Kalyani

Book Description:

This up-to-date and unique monograph covers the different aspects of pharmaceutical validation, calibration, qualification and documentation. It discusses the various methods and processes under all these heads. It includes eight major sections and exhaustively covers each topic.The book includes interesting and timely topics like the ‘Validation of herbals’ considering the increasing reliance on herbal medicines. It includes a section of validation of dosage forms, which is an essential topic for any pharmaceutical scientist.  The chapters provide lucid illustrations, figures, flowcharts and other diagrams to facilitate understanding. A final section on 'expert opinion' provides a rundown about the global scenario to the readers.

The book serves as a complete reference material for students, researchers and industry experts in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.

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