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Pharmaceutical Practice, International Edition

Pharmaceutical Practice, International Edition

Pages: 1304

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Year of Publication: 2009

Author(s) : Arthur J. Winfield

Book Description:

This comprehensive book covers a wide range of subjects relevant to pharmacy practice, including communication skills, managing a business, quality assurance, dispensing, calculations, packaging, storage and labelling of medicines, sterilization, prescriptions, hospital-based services, techniques and treatments, adverse drug reactions, pharmacoeconomics, and medicines management. It features useful appendices on medical abbreviations, pharmaceutical Latin terms, weights and measures, and presentation skills.

It has been completely revised to reflect current progress in pharmacy practice. Thus, the fourth edition of "Pharmaceutical Practice" will be valued by pharmacy teachers, students in addition to practitioners due to its wholesome coverage of the entire pharmacy spectrum. It is a core text for pharmacy practice and dispensing modules of the pharmacy curriculum and will be a companion during the whole pharmacy career starting at the university.