Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design

Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design

Pages: 704

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

Year of Publication: 2001

Author(s) : Michael E. Aulton

Book Description:

A comprehensive textbook covering the design of dosage forms and all aspects of drug delivery systems. 'Pharmaceutics' in its broadest sense is the 'art of the apothecary' or, in simple terms, pharmaceutical preparations. It remains a diverse subject in the pharmacy curriculum, encompassing design of drugs, their manufacture, and the elimination of micro-organisms from the products. This books encompasses all those areas and pays particular attention to the design of dosage forms and their manufacture.

Pharmaceutics:  The Science of Dosage Form Design is essential reading for every pharmacy student. It makes a very diverse, dry subject area into a comprehensible, more attractive one in just one test. It is clearly written at an appropriate level for both those new to the subject area and those more advance. It is both informative and descriptive, providing a basic understanding of pharmaceutics which is vital to all pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.




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