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Practice Of Hospital, Clinical And Community Pharmacy

Practice Of Hospital, Clinical And Community Pharmacy

Pages: 387

Publisher: Elsevier Exclusive

Year of Publication: 2012

Author(s) : Mohd. Aqil

Book Description:

The practice-oriented subjects in pharmacy curriculum – hospital, clinical and community pharmacy – are taught in the penultimate and the final years of D. Pharm., B. Pharm. and M. Pharm. (Pharmacy Practice) courses. The basic knowledge of the subjects is needed, and is essential, to understand the principles apropos to the distribution of the prescribed and over-the-counter medicines to the nurse, patients and their representatives with prudent counselling. This book is unique as it presents a window to the reader vis-a-vis the scope and applications of the concept of clinical pharmacy in hospital and community settings and apprises of several recent approaches towards better health care.

This book covers all the topics included in the various approved syllabi of hospital, clinical and community pharmacy , provides an integrated conceptual understanding of all the above components of pharmacy practice with relevant examples,  highlights the relevance of drug formulary and rational drug use concepts in modern-day pharmacy practice, explores recent additions in the field of pharmacy practice including pharmacovigilance, pharmaco epidemiology, pharmaco economics and social pharmacy  and lastly, provides recapitulation of the subject matter through relevant revision questions.