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Stem Cell Bioprocessing: For Cellular Therapy, Diagnostics and Drug Development

Pages: 250


Year of Publication: 2013

Author(s) : Joaquim M. S. Cabral, Maria Margarida Diogo, Tiago G Fernandes

Book Description:

This book describes the main large-scale bioprocessing strategies for both stem cell culture and purification, envisaging the application of these cells for regenerative medicine and drug screening. Bioreactor configurations are described, including their applications for stem cell expansion and / or differentiation. Stem cell separation techniques are also discussed, aiming towards both isolation and purification of rare stem cell populations. The book also focuses on methodologies currently used for in vitro stem cell culture under static conditions, including the challenge of xeno-free culture conditions, as well as culture parameters that influence stem cell culture. Novel approaches for both stem cell culture and separation in micro-scale conditions are presented, including the use of cellular microarrays for high-throughput screening of the effect of both soluble and extracellular matrix molecules and the use of microfluidic devices for both stem cell culture and separation. A further section is dedicated to application of stem cells for regenerative medicine including on-going clinical trials.