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Virus Infected Cells

Virus Infected Cells

Pages: 468

Publisher: Springer Nature B.V.

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : Swetha Vijayakrishnan, Yaming Jiu, J. Robin Harris

Book Description:

Virus-infected Cells is a comprehensive and technical exploration of the intricate interactions between viruses and host cells. This book delves into the molecular and cellular aspects of viral infections, providing a wealth of knowledge about various viruses and their effects on cellular mechanisms.

The first part of the book covers general/technical aspects, introducing the reader to the field of virology and providing an overview of the techniques used to study virus-infected cells. It covers topics such as the visualisation of virus-infected cells by cryo-electron tomography and the assessment of necroptosis, a type of programmed cell death, in virus-infected cells. In addition, the book explores the role of apoptosis and phagocytosis as antiviral mechanisms, as well as the intricate process of viral membrane fusion and penetration. It also discusses the tracking of viral entry into living cells and the use of correlative cryo-imaging to study the biology of viruses in cells and tissues. Finally, the book examines the cytopathic effect induced by viruses, shedding light on the damage caused to infected cells.

The second section of the book explores specific viruses and their interactions with host cells. Each chapter focuses on a specific virus and provides an in-depth look at its behaviour within infected cells. The book covers a wide range of viruses, including human papillomavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, Japanese encephalitis virus, African swine fever virus, coronavirus, influenza A virus and human endogenous retroviruses. Each chapter examines unique aspects of virus-host interactions, such as viral assembly, impact on the cytoskeleton, critical host-virus interactions mediated by viral RNA, mechanisms of cell entry, and the involvement of cholesterol in virus budding and scission.

This volume in the Subcellular Biochemistry series is a valuable resource for researchers, virologists and students interested in understanding the complex dynamics between viruses and the cells they infect. With its detailed exploration of general and specific aspects of virus-host interactions, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in viral infections.

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