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What the Pharma CEO Wants from the Brand Manager

What the Pharma CEO Wants from the Brand Manager

Pages: 142

Publisher: The Enablers

Year of Publication: 2014

Author(s) : Vivek Hattangadi

Book Description:

The second edition of the book, “WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER” has been inspired by the recent report published by Mckinsey & Company: India Pharma 2020: Propelling access and acceptance, realizing true potential.

McKinsey earlier prediction has turned out to be correct. The new report says that Indian pharmaceutical market will treble by 2020 and has the potential to quadruple. One salient point in this report: New products will cease to drive growth; existing large brands would need to make up the gap. Metro and Tier-1 markets, which have been growing at 14-15 per cent in the last five years, will drive growth in the industry. The scale and complexity of the market is increasing as India is moving towards the global top tier, says Palash Mitra, Partner at McKinsey & Company

This McKinsey Report has inspired me to write the second edition.

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