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A pill for growth

Aala Santhosh Reddy, Aala Santhosh Reddy Editor Pharma Focus Asia

The whole pharma industry is hungry for dealsthere is a shortage of drugs in pipelines

The pharma industry is treading a new path for sustaining growth—partnerships. Escalating R&D costs, tough regulations and price controls continue to trouble the industry. Further, a severe blockbuster drought, patent expiries and anaemic drug pipelines have only added to the industry’s woes. Innovation did provide hope but even that has become a high-risk and high-cost function for the industry. Similarly, the recent convergence of drugs, devices and diagnostics promises the industry another opportunity for revenues, one that probably will not suffice for long-term growth. On the other hand with strong scientific capabilities, proven expertise in developing novel drugs and an ability to deliver personalised medicine, the biotech industry looks to play a strategic role in defining the future and growth of the pharma industry.

Caught in the “Innovation Deficiency Syndrome”, and under serious pressure to compensate declining revenue streams from saturated markets, soon-to-expire / already expired blockbusters, pharma companies are increasingly partnering with biotechs to help reduce their losses. The complementary strengths of biotechs and pharma companies especially Big Pharma promise to pay rich dividends in the long run. This issue’s cover story “Partnerships: Win-Win Strategy” covers these issues and how the pharma industry can overcome hurdles through partnerships.

I am pleased to introduce a new section “Expert Talk” that will feature opinions of leading pharma experts on a wide range of issues. I would also wish to express my gratitude for the tremendous response we have received for the magazine’s paid subscription model. This is a big boost for us and I hope this association continues for many years to come.

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