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Strengthening presence in Asia Pacific

Prasanthi Potluri, Editor Pharma Focus Asia

Translational Medicine points to a paradigm shift in the way drugs are manufactured.

Translational Medicine (TM) has redefined Pharma R&D. It has broken down the silos that existed between research, drug development and clinical medicine, and, as a result, presented a great promise. At a time when the industry is struggling to keep up with rising costs, thinning pipe lines and a high failure rate for drugs during trials, a process like TM points to a paradigm shift in the way drugs are manufactured.

Rising research costs and low returns on the investment coupled with patent expiries call for a relook at the current drug development process. In such a scenario, a process that encompasses key participants across the continuum of a drug’s life cycle, has a better chance of creating a successful drug.

The growth of TM has been aided by developments in Evidence-based medicine and personalised medicine. TM fills the requirement of the Pharma industry for better R&D which would result in superior products that ultimately benefit the patient.

Translating the research from Evidence-based medicine to TM is an emerging concept. The research done here, in the form of three phases, is the process of converting knowledge into effective treatments / therapies for better clinical and public health results. TM is considered transformative, integrative and conceptually communicative.

Though TM has been taken up in a big way in many regions, it is still taking roots in Asia Pacific. Countries like Singapore have shown a keen interest in moving towards TM and collaborations are on the rise. It can be said that the region is getting ready to incorporate TM to both healthcare innovation and continued economic success.

The cover story in this issue by Andrew Wilson and Christopher-Paul Milne at Tufts University talks about current progress and future directions of translational medicine movement in the Asia Pacific region.

This issue also presents insightful articles from key industry leaders such as ‘Moving towards Pharmacodiligence-Risk minimisation in ensuring drug safety’ by Rashmi Hegde at Global Solvay Pharmaceuticals; ‘Clinical Trials in Asia - Overcoming regulatory and IP roadblocks’ by Alan Adcock and Clemence Gautier at Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd.; ‘The movement towards information transparency - A gateway to opportunity in clinical trials’ by Alan S Louie at IDC Health Insights. Also, Chris Lee from Bayer Schering Pharma presents his views on how the industry in coping with the downturn.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please feel free to get back to me with your feedback.


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