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Round Vibrating Screening

Lao Saung Machinery Co Ltd,

With high product quality, continuous innovation and improvement and over 70,000 unit sales in over two decades, Asia\'s largest separator manufacturer has proved its strength in providing the very best sieving machines.

Vibratory separators and filters are indispensable to many industries, including pharmaceutical, food processing, bakery, painting/coating materials, plastics, fireworks, incense, powder processing, pollution disposal and even high-tech components. Lao Soung Machinery Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer with a long history and rich experience of designing and producing vibratory separators and filters. Its noiseless Vibro-Separator & Filter is the first vibratory separator designed, introduced and manufactured in Asia.

Solving Problems

Although the round vibratory separator and filter has been available for over half a century, there are still some inconveniences regarding its design. The difficult and time-consuming process of changing sieves, the amount of labour used in assembly and disassembly, the small sieving area and short screen life results in a high level of wastage and maintenance. By contrast, the LS Vibro-Separator & Filter is designed to avoid all these problems.

Lao Soung Vibro-Separator & Filter characteristics include:

  • L-shape sieve frame. Unlike other designs, Lao Soung pioneered unique L-shape sieve frame. The L-shape design reduces the inconvenience and time in changing screens. Normally, it requires less than ten minutes to replace the new screen cloth, compared with other designs that require over 30 minutes. It has a larger affective sieving area and higher performance than other designs while the screen diameter remains the same.
  • Supporting screen design. It is designed to provide the maximum support for screens, especially for finer screens. As a result, the fine screen can be used for longer and maintenance costs can be reduced. Furthermore, less time spent replacing new screens means fewer disturbances in production flow.
  • Unique compact and portable models. The noiseless series (LS-450 & 300 Series) is designed for small factories, even for non-industrial working area. It is compact, noiseless, highly efficient and easy to clean. With a caster stand attached, it is also convenient for customers to move around if necessary.

The Lao Soung Machinery range includes:

Multi-Deck Vibro-Separator & Filter

  • Frame diameter from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Up to four layers of screens
  • Special designs and accessories available for special needs

High-Efficiency, Noiseless Vibro-Separator & Filter

  • Frame diameter: 450mm, 300mm available
  • N type, NW type screen frame
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to clean and assemble

Laboratory Sieve

  • For analysis/research department
  • Up to seven screen trays

Specialist Experience

Established in 1975, Lao Soung Machinery specialises in the R&D of round vibratory screening equipment. With 30 years of non-stop innovation and professional experience, Lao Soung has become one of the leading sieving solution providers and manufacturers of high quality vibratory separators and filters. Lao Soung Machinery not only offers customers durable, reliable, cost-effective and high performance equipment, it also provides professional consultants to suit customers' specific requirements.

The Lao Soung Multi-Deck Series won the Taiwan Symbol of Excellence award, while the High Performance Noiseless Series won the GD-Mark award in Taiwan. With these national design awards, innovation patents and a sales result of more than 70,000 units around the world, Lao Soung is the smart choice for every sieving application. The company is searching for opportunities in US, European, Indian and Russian markets.

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Lao Saung Machinery Co Ltd

Lao Saung Machinery Co Ltd

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