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Eucure and Syncromune Enter into Technology Transfer Agreement

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Eucure and Syncromune have entered into a technology transfer agreement focused on the development of SYNC-T™, a platform technology aimed at synchronising in situ neoantigen T cell education and immunostimulation. 

This technology is intended for the development and clinical supply of certain compounds, with a primary focus on intratumoral immunotherapy for cancer treatment. This technology transfer agreement holds significant promise for advancing the development of intratumoral immunotherapy options for cancer patients, particularly those involving SYNC-T investigational therapy.

As part of this agreement, Syncromune has been granted an option to exercise the right to receive technology transfer from Eucure. The technology transfer will specifically pertain to the manufacturing of YH002, an anti-OX40 humanised IgG1 agonistic antibody, along with other clinical-stage antibodies that are currently under evaluation for intratumoral immunotherapy based on the SYNC-T™ technology.

The newly signed agreement builds upon a licence agreement that was executed in 2022. In that agreement, Biocytogen/Eucure (Eucure, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals) granted Syncromune worldwide rights for YH002 and other active ingredients. This was done exclusively for the development and commercialisation of intratumoral immunotherapy that utilises the SYNC-T™ technology.

YH002 is a recombinant anti-OX40 antibody that has been humanised, specifically an IgG1 agonistic antibody. Its specificity, safety profile, and anti-cancer efficacy have undergone thorough evaluation in a range of pre-clinical studies. Currently, a Phase 1 dose-escalation study is underway in Australia to assess the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and determine the maximum tolerated dose/recommended phase 2 dose (MTD/RP2D) of YH002 in adult subjects with advanced solid malignancies.

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