Phenomics Health Inc. acquires patented drug metabolome technology

Friday, November 22, 2019

Phenomics Health Inc. , a precision medicine company based on the bioinformatics platform, today announced that it has acquired Precera Bioscience, based in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. Patented drug metabolome technology portfolio.

Phenomics Health plans to integrate this new technology with its patented advanced drug genomics platform to provide healthcare providers with a more complete picture than the prior art in terms of patient potential and actual response to medication.

The patented drug metabolome technology will be promoted under the PrecīsMed brand and licensed to clinical laboratories and healthcare systems to enable the detection, quantification and comprehensive evaluation of more than 200 drugs in the patient's bloodstream.

The information generated by PrecīsMed in conjunction with Phenomics Health's technology will help clinicians determine what drugs and doses they are actually taking (whether prescription drugs or not), drug interactions, and how genetics affects body metabolism. The ability of drugs to treat individualized drugs.

Dr. James S. Burns, co-founder, Chairman and President of Phenomics Health, said: "This is the first time that two advanced pharmacogenomics and drug metabolomics platforms have joined forces. PrecīsMed can help improve patient outcomes and avoid drug dysfunction. The response, which reduces the cost of treatment for patients, is also the true definition of precision medicine."

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