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Sen-Jam Pharma Collaborates with Specialty Manufacturer for Innovative Anti-Inflammatory Injectable

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, an innovative player in the life sciences field, is embarking on its third strategic collaboration, this time with KVK-Tech, a leading Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company. Together, they aim to develop SJP-100, the company's inaugural injectable anti-inflammatory therapeutic.

SJP-100 is poised to be a game-changer in its category, boasting a unique dual mechanism of action as an immunomodulator. Its formulation offers precision drug delivery, catering to individual needs, with a primary focus on addressing cytokine storms, a longstanding challenge in medicine. Unlike current treatments that often result in damaging immunosuppression, SJP-100 reduces inflammatory protein release from the immune system and mitigates intracellular inflammation without compromising overall immune function.

Notably, SJP-100 holds promise beyond immediate medical applications. Its potential in longevity research and disease prevention underscores its broader significance to scientific inquiry.

Jackie Iversen, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, expresses enthusiasm for this breakthrough, anticipating a paradigm shift in immunomodulation. She envisions SJP-100 as a catalyst for redefining standard care practices.

Kiran Vepuri, Director of Business Development at KVK-Tech, echoes this excitement, emphasizing their shared commitment to innovation and global impact.

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical intends to leverage completed formulation and manufacturing efforts to forge licensing agreements with Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) worldwide. This move reflects their mission as a company dedicated to accessible healthcare solutions for all. Early discussions with international CMOs indicate a promising path forward, accelerating the drug's global reach and impact.



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