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Strategia Holdings Announces Strategic Partnership Alliance with JS InnoPharm (Shanghai) for Global Drug Development

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Strategia Holdings, LLC. announced a strategic partnership alliance with JS InnoPharm (Shanghai), Ltd. to facilitate global drug development. Through this partnership, both companies will leverage their comprehensive knowledge, broad expertise, drug candidates, and networks in the global development of multiple therapeutics.

“We are very excited about this strategic partnership with JS InnoPharm in Shanghai. By combining the strengths of JS InnoPharm with their drug discovery expertise and China network to Strategia Holdings, LLC, we are creating a new, efficient, streamlined model for global drug development,” said Dr. Keizo Koya, CEO and Founder of Strategia. “This is an innovative and unique collaboration that will translate the highest-quality science into proven clinical success in an efficient and agile manner while enhancing the competitive position of both companies in the ever-increasing challenging environment of clinical drug development. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to effectively deliver new therapeutic approaches to patients worldwide.”

The Strategia Holdings group currently consists of three biopharmaceutical companies; Spirita Oncology, LLC, Mirata BioPharma, LLC, and Strategia Pharmaceuticals, LLC. All three organizations will work closely together with JS InnoPharm under the Strategic Partnership Alliance.

“JS InnoPharm is keen on collaborating with Strategia to establish long-term commitments to accelerate global drug development with us,” said Dr. Jintao Zhang, CEO of JS InnoPharm. “We believe in the power of China and the US coming together and crafting solutions to enhance efficiencies and achieve faster drug development timelines with higher success rates. This partnership allows the organizations to work closely together in a collaborative effort to reach those goals.”

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