TYME Technologies Announces New Collaboration with NYU Langone to Advance TYME’s Cancer Metabolism-Based Therapy, SM-88

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tyme Technologies, Inc., an emerging biotechnology company, announced a new research collaboration with NYU Langone Health to advance the development of innovative treatments for patients with metastatic cancers, including pancreatic cancer. The collaboration will leverage NYU Langone’s state-of-the-art technologies to help inform the development of clinical therapies, focusing on identifying potential future biomarkers or combination approaches to treat cancer.

“We are excited to collaborate on this new effort to help uncover key findings about how specific biomarkers may help slow the development of certain cancer types,” said Diane Simeone, MD, Director of the Pancreatic Cancer Center at NYU Langone Health’s Perlmutter Cancer Center and Lead Principle Investigator for the Pancreatic Cancer Network’s Precision PromiseSM trials. “We believe our translational research can help affect future development of SM-88 and broaden our understanding of this novel approach by targeting cancer metabolism.”

The broad collaboration will examine the effects of SM-88 and each of the components of MPS (methoxsalen, phenytoin, and sirolimus) on primary pancreatic cancer cell lines, patient-derived pancreatic cancer organoids as well as specialized mouse xenograft models.  

The studies will explore the impact of SM-88 on clinical models, including viability, general pharmacodynamics, genomic and RNA transcription analysis, and detailed impact on cancer metabolism. In addition, the specialized mouse tumor xenograft experiments should provide immunohistochemical signals of SM-88 effects and comprehensive immunomodulatory impact of the tumor microenvironment. This research will evaluate the potential of SM-88 in combination with standard approved cancer therapies, with a goal to identify optimal synergistic combinations with SM-88 for future development in metastatic cancers.  

“TYME is focused on advancing SM-88 for cancer patients where the unmet medical need is greatest,” said Jonathan Eckard, Ph.D. and Chief Business Officer for Tyme Technologies, Inc. “We are very excited to work on this project with someone as accomplished as Dr. Simeone both in research, and in the clinic as the principle investigator in Precision Promise.”