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AGC Biologics Expands Cell Suites in Longmont, USA


AGC Biologics plans a expansion, set to introduce three cutting-edge Grade B cell therapy suites within its Longmont facility in USA.


The new addition designed with 2 new Process Suites and 1 Flex Suite at Colourado site, will significantly broadened capabilities. 

This expansion adds over 30,000 square feet of space, which has been intelligently designed for efficiency and functionality. In addition, the expansion will potentially allow to produce a larger volume of cell therapies or to handle more complex processes within their cell therapy development and manufacturing pipeline.

This expansion aims to improve abilities in cell therapy. At the same time, it works hand in hand with the existing services for suspension and adhesion viral vectors at the U.S. Cell and Gene Site.

The newly created segregated, multiproduct suites showcase cutting-edge modular clean room design, enabling to maintain the highest cleanliness standards. The flexibility of configuring capacity to suit different project needs is a crucial feature of these suites.

Equipped with the latest cell therapy equipment, these suites cater to both open and closed processes, enabling manufacturing for autologous and allogeneic cell therapies.

Beyond cell therapy and viral vector services, the site offers support for early-stage process development, commercial manufacturing, quality control and analytics, fill-finish capabilities, and even an onsite warehouse.


Name   GeneFab
Type   Expansion

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