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Agilent Plans to Invest US$22M to Expand its Newport Plant


Agilent Technologies invests US$22 million in its Newport production plant in USA.


The expansion plans involve several components such as the addition of new reactors, the decommissioning of an old reactor, and the establishment of new production laboratories. 

The new investment will focus on expanding the capacity of its lab-based manufacturing site, leasing an additional 12,000 square feet of space adjacent to their existing facility. 

Within this space, 9,900 square feet will be allocated for the construction of a state-of-the-art lab area, equipped with new infrastructure, advanced equipment, and specialised instrumentation.

The Newport facility, where the expansion will take place, is responsible for the production of liquid chromatography columns. These columns are utilised in various fields such as chemical and biochemical analysis, drug discovery, environmental control, and analytical chemistry.

The expansion is expected to generate 10 to 25 new jobs over the course of the next decade. Currently, the facility employs approximately 110 people. 

The new positions will be available for plant operators, technicians, and engineers, reflecting the need for skilled personnel to operate and maintain the new reactors and production laboratories.


Name         Agilent Technologies
Type          New Construction
Budget       US$22 million


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